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Chapter 37 is now up, still need a new edditor. · 8:17am February 19th

So I'm still being lazy, but enough is done that I have two arks left to go, cool ya think. Anyhow I'll be reading over the unedited chapters to see what I can clean up with a few planned edits, so anyone who picks up the story as an editor should not have a hard time of it. It been a fun right, and more fun to be had, it's also amazing that I've been writing this for about a year now. I really do hope others fine this and enjoy it as much as others alredy have, I know people been discovering my earlier stuff so one can only hope.

As for the future, I have two short stories planned for Desperado's, and one short story for young Star Charter. Likely going to keep them as simple as possible with how long this one is already. The fist of the two ideas for Desperado's is them stopping at Percussion Caps farm, the mare from the begining of the story who's the hero for the story "Better Days." It will be a simple adventure with them fighting Blue Skys and the Golden Harvest Farmers Guild (Or whatever I called them) a simple tale of corporations ruining thing and the independent sprint, you all also get to see what PC and Caltrop have been up to, though they will just be side characters. As for the second, the heros will make a stop as the tomb of Princess Platinum and work to push out the influence of the Corps Brigade and fight Bishop Purity Spiral, this one sould be a fun action story. Lastly, for young Star, it's the "Family" quest from Fallout 3, the one with the vampires. This was hinted at with Star having told a story to Bridget about how she met some vampires, the title for it will likely be "Thicker then Water"

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