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    Hey everyone. It's been awhile. Let's talk about it.

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    Hey everyone. I'm not dead.

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    The Soul's Savior/Life Update

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    Chapter 10: This Is Me Trying

    The new version of chapter 10 of The Soul's Savior is live!


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The Soul’s Savior update · 12:01pm February 9th

Hey people. It’s been a bit since the last chapter dropped and I just wanted to give y’all a bit of an update on the story.

I took a bit of a break from writing. I’ve been trying to fix my damn sleep schedule, which has been hell. I feel like I don’t have enough energy to get into anything. Writing is something I usually do at night but trying to sleep early cuts into that time.

I’ve also just been taking time for myself. The last couple months have been a cycle of wake up, work, go home, write, sleep, repeat. I just needed to get away from that for a bit. Needed to do something different.

So yeah. Don’t worry, I’m not flaking out of the story. The rewrites will get done and the story will be finished. I just needed a break. I don’t know when the next chapter will be but I’ll keep you guys in the loop.

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