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  • 9 weeks
    A New Generation, and update.

    Hey everyone. It's been awhile. Let's talk about it.

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    Finally watched the finale, and update.

    Hey y'all. Sorry for the sudden silence, things got a tad crazy for a bit. Let's talk about it.

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    TSS Update

    Hey everyone. I'm not dead.

    Still working on the next chapter. Everything happening in regards to my health has left me more than a little unmotivated. My mouth hurts all the time and eating is a damn nightmare. That kind of shit doesn't bode well for mental health, and I'm already not the most mentally sound of individuals.

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    The Soul's Savior/Life Update

    Hey y'all! So, progress on the next chapter is going pretty good. It shouldn't be too much longer until its out. So luckily this isn't another blog post announcing a delay. I just wanted to say that there definitely will be a new chapter soon and there isn't going to be another long-ass wait for the next one. I know I'm horrible about that.

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  • 29 weeks
    Chapter 10: This Is Me Trying

    The new version of chapter 10 of The Soul's Savior is live!


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A New Generation, and update. · 4:12pm September 29th

Hey everyone. It's been awhile. Let's talk about it.

So, first off, welcome to My Little Pony Generation 5. It's a weird feeling, right? Anyway, I watched the movie. I liked it more than I thought I would. It's obviously a kids movie and that's fine. The characters were well written, I loved the animation (except for the faces, those are still weird) and the songs were catchy. Nothing more to ask for, really. I hope the eventual series can flesh these characters out more. I like Hitch the most, I think, with Sunny a close second.

I don't think I'll love the new cast as much as I loved the Mane Six. It's just never going to happen, I think. But I embrace the new generation with open arms.

Now, for The Soul's Savior.

I'm sorry for going away so suddenly. I got a new job, and that's been eating up my time. And honestly, every time I've tried to write something, I just can't get it to work. I've tried. And I'll keep trying. I just can't guarantee when it'll happen, y'know? I do want to complete the rewrites at least. I'll try to get something out soon.

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