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Chapters 1-18 were written by me, Dusty Old Qrow, AND ARE CURRENTLY UNDER HEAVY REVISION! Chapters 19 and onward are written by Beef Ramington and edited by me.

The past catches up with us all.

Sunset Shimmer has been defeated, dethroned and shunned by the students of CHS. Her humiliating and crushing loss at the hands of Twilight Sparkle cost the former unicorn her title of the Ruler of Canterlot High. But she's not alone. Rainbow Dash made a promise to the princess from another world, one she intends to keep. The only problem? That promise was to befriend the one who tormented the entire school for years. Together, the two endure the hatred of the student body, all in hopes of gaining Sunset the redemption she so desperately wants.

Time Turner is only a simple teacher at Canterlot High. He's never liked Sunset Shimmer, but he can tell she's being sincere in her apologies- a bonus effect at being good with teens. He's nice to her- after all, that's part of being a teacher. But Sunset Shimmer isn't the only one with a troubled past. Events of twenty years ago are finally coming back to bite Turner, bringing back painful memories. How does his story intertwine with Sunset's? How does Rainbow Dash's intertwine with his? These three people have almost nothing in common, but will help each other heal wounds from a lifetime ago.

Pairings: Sunset Shimmer/Rainbow Dash, Time Tuner/Vice Principal Luna

Cover art generously provided by Draconaquest!

Chapters (26)
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