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Bezier · 10:50pm February 1st

“Woah. I didn’t know you did vectors as well!”

*turns from computer* “Eh. Just learned about ‘em recently.”

“Neat. Also, that curve tool you’re using right now? That is known as the ‘Bezier Curve’. I would know.”


“...I see you’re using Inkscape. Spectacular choice, by the way, due to its many features, but there are tons of other options if you’re interested; Adobe Illustrator, GIMP, Krita, all that sort of stuff. I mostly use Vectornator X, but I would mostly recommend Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape.”

“Bezier...” *aggressive mouse clicking*

“Now, when using Inkscape, you have things like Powerstroke or Taperstroke. Well, those things are very commonly used in vectors when adjusting the width of the stroke’s beginning and ending points. Well, another commonly used strategy would be to—”

*desk slam* “Bezier, PLEASE!

25 minutes later...

“Ooh, are you painting now?”


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Comments ( 16 )

I don't know what to say to this. On one had, Bezier is being that "I know it all" type of person but on the other, Pharynx? is just losing it way too fast there.

Well, this is Pharynx we’re talking about.

S’nice to know stuff, in her defense...

Yeah. I mean at least be grateful she’s sharing her knowledge. Kind of.

I’m like Pharynx though. I can’t work when people are talking to me, so I guess I get the feel

Pffft! Poor Phar

Yeah, honestly that's me when I'm reading/writing and someone nearby is talking. I just wanna go "could you shut up?!"

Am I the only one seeing a double name drop here

What double name drop?

I got inks name wrong in here but you name drop yourself a few times with your first name part

Because that’s her name?

I know I found it a bit funny to see is all soeey

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