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Pharynx is best changeling. CHANGE MY MIND.

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    “Hey, hey, take it easy! You trying to disjoint my leg or something?”

    Thistle breathed heavily as she stopped dragging Blue Fang out of the restaurant, coming to a halt at a fountain. “Sorry… I think we’re finally a good distance.”

    “Alright, look, what’s the big idea? What do you have against Ky?”

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    If you know, you know

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    Bezier scurried behind a corner as the red eyed changeling trotted past her, through the hallways and stopping at one of the many doors lined along walls. She quietly watched knocked a few times. Within a few moments, it opened to reveal no one other than Snapdragon herself.

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    Decided to take a pic of the scenery

    Specifically at this lil’ gem:

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Psychotic · 2:25am January 28th

As time passed, Heath wasn’t exactly getting any better. He was still growling threateningly at those who even glanced at Bezier. And he didn’t seem too bothered by his own methods, either. He also seemed to have trouble noticing his hypothetical girlfriend’s own emotions.

Right now, they were at the donut shop. But today’s donut date was way different than any other they ever had. How, you may ask? Well, Heath was being extra possessive. He was sitting right next to Bezier in the booth, hoof around her and clutching her tightly by his side. 

“Heath? You’re uh, squeezing a little too hard…”

Heath huffed and loosened up his grip. Not too long after though, he leaned forward and pressed his muzzle into his bug gf’s mane. 

“...What are you doing now?”

He huffed in response.

“...Can you repeat that? I can’t understand you.”



He just gripped her tighter. “...too loud…” 

She stared in confusion.

Heath looked like he was about to fall asleep or something. Bezier sighed heavily.

The male changeling gruffed for the fiftieth time that day, letting go of Bezier and turning the other direction with his hooves crossed.

What is up with him?

“...you haven’t been talking to Pharynx lately, have you?” Heath asked, slightly turning his head to look back at Bezier. 

She swallowed. “No… why do you ask?”

Be honest. Have you or have you not been talking to Pharynx lately?” He reiterated, an audible crack in his voice. 

“Look, I’ve chatted with him a little, but—”

“I fucking knew it, god dammit…” Heath muttered to himself. “Why the hell is he still talking to you?!” He turned back to face Bez, glaring with anger. 

“I don’t know! What is so bad about it?!”

“You don’t get it...you never get it, that’s the thing-” Heath flinched, snatching her closer. “You’re mine, okay?!” 

She bit her lip, swallowing as sweat poured down her face.

Heath’s eyes widened and he pulled back, looking mortified. “Pharynx is right...I am psychotic…” Without a second of hesitation, he stumbled out of the booth (fell on the floor in the process) and fled the shop. 

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Comments ( 31 )

Well, who's gonna go after him this time?

See, this is why being possessive is not a good look.

Ouch. Well shit.

“Oof” doesn’t even begin to describe this.

Mhm. He really regrets doing that, but he couldn't help it.

Poor thing...

Me, as usual

I commend your patience for this.

Comes with being a mom. I don't actually mind anyway, I think I've always had this nurturing side, but since I don't have any siblings I've never used it

Consider yourself lucky. Having siblings are hell.

Well, I mean, does knowing the annoying girl that's the daughter of your dad's girlfriend count? Because we have to share a room when I'm at his house


She doesn't count as someone I can be nurturing with though-she never listens to me

That's usually how siblings are. Unless told by a parent that you are in charge.

My dad and her mom don't usually bother doing that. They expect us to get along and leave us alone

Well, that shows how much they care.

They just want us to act like sisters

That makes sense, but if there is no input from either side then you'll both end up just tolerating each other rather than becoming close together.

I mean, our parents talk with us when we fight, and they've made it clear they want us to get along

Well, maybe she's just one of those people you don't vibe with. Maybe tolerating each other is the closest you two will ever get. Nobody can really do much about that.

Don't know for what, but your welcome?

For listening, and offering sympathy

I don't even know how that happened or how we ended up there so don't look at me.

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