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Guys... I’m very disappointed. · 6:48pm Jan 23rd, 2021

You know that cover art I showed you guys just yesterday? The one with Pharynx and the Mary Sue alicorn (whom I haven’t found a name for yet)?

Well, I just tried uploading it to my unpublished story. And it failed. Three times.

Why? Well, I just found out; it was too big.

The original cover art was about 2797px × 2056px, and yeah, that is big. The reason why I make my vector art so big is because I discovered that it makes the image more high quality and it makes the lines look smoother and more crisp.

Let me show you what I mean:

This is a 418px × 422px image I’ve made quite some time ago:

And this is the same picture, but with a 1067px × 972px resolution (plus a different mane outline).

To sum it up, when it comes to programs like Vectornator X, the bigger the image, the smoother the quality.

But yeah, I kept trying to insert my really big and high quality cover art into my unposted story, and Fimfiction kept denying it, since it was over 2000 pixels of height and width, so I had to shrink it down to 1595px × 1394px.

I’m still pretty disappointed though; I had put so much time into the really big version of this cover art, and I was really proud of how smooth the lines looked and just how it all came together in the end.

Though, at least the lines aren’t too blurry for the new one.

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Dang, that's too bad, I know how that feels, it happened with the cover art for Descendants of the Isle. It still looks really good though!

Yeah, the picture I took of the cover I drew was too large, and I had to crop it as best I could without cutting parts of the drawing out

Well, I had to shrink mine down..

It still looks good Bez


I like it tho

Well, thanks guys. I mean, I guess it could’ve looked worse.

No problem, it's great

You know the only thing that could make her design even more Mary Sue-ish is to give her bat wings and an eye patch with a skull design or something (making myself cringe just thinking about it)

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