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    I'll see you guys around and hopefully I can make more stories in my freetime lol

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    King Thorax submitted by duckmagee!


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The 2K Rookie Raffle! · 8:51pm Jan 13th, 2021

~ It's that time again! ~

We hit 2k views on The Rookie, so it's definitely time for another Rookie Raffle! I really appreciate you all for reading and want to give you guys a chance to put any of the three listed into the story! It's going to work like last time:

The raffle is to have your OC, an idea, or a canon character of your choice (background or not) somehow involved in the story.

To submit your idea all you have to do is either comment in this post or DM me! (Especially if your idea is a juicy plot twist)

You can only submit one of the three I listed I'm afraid.

  1. OC: List their name, gender, race, personality, and maybe even a special skill if you'd like! Pictures or reference are optional as well.
  2. Idea: This one is more simple, just toss your idea in with as little or as much detail as you want and you'll be added into the raffle.
  3. Canon Character: Another simple one, just toss in the name of the canon character you want in the story! However I would like to ask that if it's an obscure background character with not a lot of known information to add some basic info of them if you can! Similar to the OC listing.

How the winner will be chosen is through a random generator!

Just like last time there will be 1 winner unless a large amount of people decide to participate.

For this raffle let's say it will be open until the 20th of this month, with the winner being announced on the 21st with a personal DM from me! Again I will try my best to incorporate your OC, idea, or canon character into the story though fair warning, depending on what it is, it may appear a little later down the line as I try to get to them.

Last winner was Phantune who added in Lightning Dust!

Let's see what we get this raffle!

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So *cough* *cough* I may sound like a broken recorded, as last time I chose this...But if I could (and just tell me if I can't) and give my choice for Nightmare Moon again...:twilightblush: Go Nightmare whooo!!

Lol alright! Nightmare Moon has been added :pinkiehappy:

Is it include non villain canon character?
If that was the case, I'll chose ex-Special Agent Sweetie Drops/Bon Bon.
Edit: minor text

Oooh, an interesting idea, and a good way to keep readers entertained.
In this case, I'd like to submit my crystal pony OC, Proskenion. Young, (sickeningly) optimistic and cheerful young stallion from Crystal Empire. An actor. Just don't mention a specific not-nice dark king around him... https://www.deviantart.com/lailyren/art/COM-Proskenion-850440533 , https://www.deviantart.com/magfen/art/Proskenion-COM-857560842

love to see thorax in the mix, im imaging Zeri telling him off for never trying to reform the closest thing he has to a mother and just leaving her as stone, massive guilt trip :rainbowlaugh:

Yeup! Non villains are perfectly allowed as well. Would be nice to see Bon Bon again, and have a hand at writing her

Aw this one is sweet, I love Proskenion's design, if he ever somehow gets involved though, King Sombra is definitely gonna be rearing his head around so... oof, doesn't sound like a good time for this guy

Lol guilt-tripping Thorax. Poor bug boy but sometimes it must be done~! Into the raffle he goes

Thank you guys for your submissions so far!

Prepare for very long read.
How about an OC of mine. He is a Displaced from the Fallout universe(from sometime either after or during the events of Fallout 4) who basically was a vault dweller from before the war, and thanks to timing and sympathy from a high ranking Vault Tech employee, managed to get into a exclusive vault built in Atlanta, with cryogenic pods, means of communicating with all other vaults and Vault Tech facilities, a considerable stockpile of weaponry and supplies, and a treasure trove of information stored inside. This Vault was meant to allow a select few to potentially help rebuild the world(and Vault Tech specifically) in the event of nuclear annihilation. His parents, who were very influential people within Vault Tech, had landed them and him places in the vault. However, they were not given a heads up about impending destruction like other major corporate figures did because a rival of theirs prevented it. When it began however, they managed to get there before it closed only to find out that said rival had taken away two of their spots in favor of himself and his assistant. However they begged him to at least take their son and raise him. And he agreed, because while they were bitter rivals and he loved to spite them, he was not going to doom their son to die horrifically. The way the Vault worked was that for the most part, everyone would be frozen in their cryogenic pods most of the time, with at least 3 unfrozen at a time to keep up maintenance. However over the next 200 years, failures in the pods cropped up every so often, most of the time they were minor, but a few times critical failures occurred, leading to two deaths. After that they mostly stopped using them. (The reason for the failures was a technician who sabotaged them out of spite for Vault Tech before the War.) Even before this however, the man, who by the way is named Roman Jarrod, raised Justin Wright(my OC’a original name), teaching him about politics, hard working, being a good leader, how to always come out on top, and so on. He also learned from others in the Vault, like from General Ronald(who liked clowns a lot and had an odd fixation for fast food) who taught him military tactics and later on, how to fight and handle guns of all kinds. He also learned from the vast quantity of knowledge stored within the Vault, reading everything he could. After many years, age was beginning to catch up to some of them, and they realized that it was now or never that they do what they were meant to. Originally, the Vault wouldn’t have opened until 300 years after the bombs fell, but because of the risks of using the pods(proven further by yet another death) they manually opened the Vault. By this point, Justin has established himself as a well liked member of the group and had become second in command to his guardian Roman, who led the group out to first attempt to secure the area around the vault, before they moved to a place they knew contained a factory capable of manufacturing ammunition for plasma weapons. If they were going to do this, they would certainly need to be able to protect themselves. However they found the factory taken over by raiders, and were attacked on site. The attack killed two of them quickly, but Justin managed to organize them and lead a successful attack against the raiders. With the factory in their control, now they just needed a way to supply it. Salvaging parts from a bunch of vehicles allowed them fix up a couple of transportation trucks, and they knew where the factory got it’s supplies from. Several small skirmishes and battles later, they had managed to secure supplies to allow the factory to work once they fixed it up. However they didn’t have the manpower to protect all of it. So Roman went on a recruitment campaign, bringing in about a dozen Wastelanders within a week with promises of community, shelter, food and water, all in exchange for assistance with providing protection for their operation. This continued for about 2 months as they brought in dozens, either to work as guards or work the factory. At that point they had the factory at full operational capacity, so they decided it was time to continue expanding. The same pattern occurred until they had control over most of Atlanta. However then the Brotherhood of Steel showed up. They had heard of all of the prewar technology they had, and they wanted it. When a group of Brotherhood soldiers first approached, they demanded that they turn over control of all functional prewar facilities, the Vault, and any knowledge of Prewar tech they had. When they were refused, they left. But the Brotherhood wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. They came back in full force, dozens of vertibirds swarming the city. Caught unprepared for such strength, they were pushed back further and further until they had their backs to the Vault with only a few locations left in their control. Roman had been killed in the battle, leaving Justin in charge. And he had an idea. He called for a ceasefire, and said he was willing to negotiate. When he met with the man in charge of the assault, he said “I will surrender everything... to no one.” At that moment, several massive explosions erupted through the city, killing hundreds of Brotherhood soldiers instantly, before he pulled out a hidden 10mm and shot the man in the face as his escort and hidden snipers attacked the enemies around him. He had used the negotiations to distract them while he had soldiers plant explosives and detonate small nuclear reactors in a few facilities through the city. The Brotherhood retreated but he was furious. They had attacked without provocation, murdering an estimated 476 because they wanted prewar tech. Well he was going to rake that prewar tech and shove it right up their asses, without any lube. He worked double time to expand operations outside of Atlanta, while at the same time spreading word of what the Brotherhood had done. He knew however that unless a miracle happened, he wouldn’t stand a chance against them if they attacked again. Said miracle came in the form of another group that are sworn enemies of the Brotherhood, the Enclave. When they first approached him, he was cautious, but after learning what they ultimate goal was and that they hated the Brotherhood as much as he did, he gladly accepted their help. He didn’t exactly agree with all of their beliefs or methods, but he needed the help. With their assistance, he managed to finally strike them at their heart in D.C., he had heard that Elder Manson and the highest ranking officers in the East Coast Chapter we’re away further up north, and he took the opportunity and snuck infiltrators into the former Capital. They planted explosives at key locations through the city, before detonating them at the break of dawn. As they detonated, his forces began their march into the city. The enemy had known of his approach, but the explosions had left them disorganized and badly damaged, making it a lot easier for his army. After that, he went back to his original way, all the while fixing up prewar military facilities and procuring prewar military assets. This continued on for a while, and eventually he even ran for President of the Enclave, and won. He used that position to integrate the Enclave into his military and government. He didn’t have to fight any notable factions until he reached the Commonwealth, where the Minutemen had prominence, and had even destroyed the Brotherhood leadership. He had tried to keep things with them peaceful, but they had seen what I had done to the Brotherhood and were afraid. So much so that some launches attacks against us. At the time Justin had not known that they had not been ordered by they General, so he counterattacked, taking them out quite easily and establishing direct rule over the Commonwealth. After this, he realized that direct conquest would be the only way to re-establish ten old world and improve the lives of those within the Wasteland. The Minutemen hadn’t dealt with the Institute, but he did. Some managed to flee alongside the Minutemen’s General(The Sole Survivor). From there his conquest truly began. He became such a major threat that the NCR tried to team up with the Legion against him. He did find an ally in a rising Mexican Empire and the Legion as well. Together they managed to defeat the NCR. However both of his allies betrayed him and attacked. He personally lead a small elite team deep into Legion territory equipped with the greatest technology they had available, much of it created by him(including the most powerful suit of Power Armor ever called Z-04), tracked down Caesar, and killed him. However the enemy proved very difficult to fight with the Legions massive number of soldiers and the Mexicans massive number of robots. Eventually pushing them into prewar Mexico’s border with the former U.S., everything was now in a stale mate since it was proving impossible to cross the Rio Grande. However he had managed to acquire the Institutes teleportation tech, and planned to use it teleport himself and a large number of soldier behind enemy lines. They were set to teleport into a heavily irradiated area(similar to the Glowing Sea) to mask their approach. However the radiation messed with the teleportation, and he and his army ended up in Equestria. The reason is because magic takes and radiation in his universe are own in the same, and it just so happens that a certain filly has opened a portal to another realm at the same time. The rest of that story doesn’t matter. How you could integrate him into this story could be that he ended up in this universe instead, at any time of your choosing(in other words, he might have appeared during Cozy’s plan, sometime before, or sometime after. You can also include or exclude his soldiers he had with him. They had teleported in separate groups, and you could only have his in the story. His group consisted of about 50 ground soldiers, with 18 in Z-02 Power Armor and him in his personal suit of Z-04. About 9 of them are ghouls, none of them in Power Armor. With them are 4 APC’s each capable of carrying 8 soldiers, with 2 tanks, two supply trucks filled with food, water, spare munitions, and equipment, and one vertibird. If you want, you can pick and choose what of this group will arrive with him. And now finally we get to him himself. He is a unicorn with dark green mane, tail, and eyes, with a light red coat, and black tipped hooves. He is also about the size of King Sombra. His cutie mark shows a green radiation symbol overplayed by a circuit board, a sword, and an elephant head, with a Phoenix circling around all of it. The radiation symbol represents a talent for Magic since magic and radiation in his home universe are the same thing. The elephant represents his ability to lead, the Phoenix represents his wish to give his world and this within it a second chance. The circuit board represents his skill with technology. And finally the sword represents his ability as a warrior.
Now for his personality. He is cautious and mistrusting of those he does not know and has over time become very cruel in how he deals with even just potential enemies, and will not hesitate to kill if he feels threatened, however will listen to reason most of the time. He stays calm most of the time and making him angry with just words will be difficult. Over the years the power has gone to his head and he has begun to crave more and more of it. However he puts the needs of his soldiers and his own safety before his ambitions. He is meticulous and plans out every move carefully. He also enjoys manipulating others and utilizing them and other assets in clever ways like a chess or puppet master. He finds great satisfaction in success but won’t let failure bring him down or anger him. He also sees his actions in his world as completely just and right. This does not mean that some of his more cruel actions don’t weigh on his mind however...
Sorry for the long spiel, but I wanted to give his back story and went a little bit to far with the detail. Please let me know if I missed anything when it comes to describing him. Also I typed this on my phone, so sorry for any spelling errors or autocorrected words.

I'm sorry, can I get a shortened version please? With just the OC's basic info? :twilightsheepish:
Also I can't really add Fallout into this story because I don't know much about it myself admittedly. Except from some fanfics, animations, and some playthrough. That's also really different from the story I'm making now.

You're definitely the writer though, especially on phone!

Maybe we could change to Fallout Equestria then? Still got Displaced like and everything, just in a different way. If not we can discuss a different backstory idea if this one get's picked.
But as for his basic info, he is manipulative and will use anyone to realize his own goals, which usually consist of conquering land. He has overall good intentions, but power has gone to his head a bit and makes him crave more and more. He will however concede power to others if he has to to gain a powerful ally or asset. He enjoys being a chess/puppet master that manipulate things in both subtle and obvious ways, and gets great satisfaction from success, but won't let failure deter or anger him. He is mistrusting and downright suspicious of those he doesn't know, and does his best to learn all he can about any obstacles, adversaries, or potential allies he might face. He is careful with everything he does and plans everything meticulously and well ahead of time, but is also able to adapt to a developing situation if necessary. He will not hesitate to kill if he feels threatened, however will listen to reason most of the time. He stays calm most of the time and making him angry with just words will be difficult. He can also be downright cruel in his methods, and is not afraid to do so as he sees most of them as justified, though that doesn't mean some of things he does don't weight on his mind...
He is a unicorn with dark green mane, tail, and eyes, with a light red coat, and black tipped hooves. He is also about the size of King Sombra. His cutie mark is a green radiation symbol overplayed by a circuit board, a sword, and an elephant head, with a Phoenix circling around all of it. The radiation symbol represents a talent for Magic since magic and radiation in his home universe are the same thing. The elephant represents his ability to lead, the Phoenix represents his wish to give his world and this within it a second chance. The circuit board represents his skill with technology. And finally the sword represents his ability as a warrior.

I'm sorry but I'm not going to change the whole story's universe into a Fallout-related reality for one character. I am up for ideas but more simple ones like a scenario, an event, or even just a conversation someone may want when submitting ideas. Nothing game-changing to the point it becomes a different alternate reality altogether.

I will accept your OC into the raffle but I will not be changing the entire MLP universe I already have just for him.

I appreciate your enthusiasm but you're really throwing a lot of information at me with no regard for the story. I think you would be better just writing your own fanfic for the Displaced. I am still open to ideas but I would also like you to know that The Rookie is still my writing. I have this raffle open so others can be involved with it too! And I thought it would be fun. Please don't try and take advantage of it like this.

I would love to see pharynx in the mix! :D

Ooh of course! Consider him well- considered! Another bug boy in the raffle! :pinkiehappy:

Am I the only one who's gonna do idea? Anyway, I thought up about it during the washouts chapter. So, Zeri finds a mystical artifact that allows her to see every event of every multiverse. And when she does, she finds out most of them had the same events but with different characters, their fates beginning and ending with Discord's half-baked plan. You know what I mean, I think. So she realised the trio isn't the only one that needed saving.

There must be some confusion, because I'm not asking that you change the entire story. I'm just talking about WHERE my character came from. Remember, he is a Displaced. That means that exactly like the main character(I am awful at remembering names), he is not originally from this universe. He can still be FROM Fallout or Fallout Equestria, but that is just for his backstory, you don't even have to include it. We could even discuss and entirely different backstory if mine get's picked. Also, him being Displaced could give him and the main character something to bond over potentially. Even if he is just using that to get him to trust her...

Also, I just realized that I forgot his name. There is his original name, but he would have given himself a different name to give others, one that would fit with his personality and/or talents. Maybe "El Maestro"? Which means "The Master" in Spanish.

Hmmm, that is an interesting idea though there would be some things to work on of course. I'll add it into the raffle and if you win we'll talk more about it later!

Ohhhh I thought Displaced was his name because you capitalized it. :twilightsheepish: I guess if he's from a different universe altogether that could work. After all Zeri is and I'm not against allowing others from different universes. Though fair warning to you I still don't know much about Fallout Equestria itself. Again he'll be added into the raffle and if he wins we'll discuss more later

Geez there are a lot of submissions this time around! Might have to increase the winners. 2 winners of 2k views? Lol

I have my own set of OCs, but they're set up in such a way that I'm not completely sure if they'll work. Do you think you could check them out and maybe see if they'd actually be able to fit? You can find them all here.

It's kinda hard to tell because a lot of them are called nightmare ponies but you could still give it a shot with one of them. I'm willing to accept lots of OCs to be honest, but figuring out where to put them in the fanfic is another story :twilightblush:

Been having a blast reading your story. Maybe not the most original idea, but you more than makeup for it in terms of execution and story direction. So I think it's exciting that I have a small chance to contribute. I'm going to go with an OC for this entry, though I'm not sure what you are looking for exactly in an OC. Anyway, here I go:

Name: Rotor Gauge. Prefers to go by Gauge

Mare, Earth-pony, light peach fur, light and faded green mane and tail with a single stripe of grass green in her tail, dark maroon eyes.

Cutie-mark of a simple Rotor (https://satisfactory.gamepedia.com/Rotor) that is normally hidden under a pair of engineer coveralls.

Personality: Gauge is known to be sassy and sarcastic, even a little cold at times. Yet, still just as friendly as other ponies, most of the time. She wishes to leave her own mark in history through invention and when it comes to her work she is both intense and passionate. Which often gets her into trouble when she ends up stepping on another's hooves in the process. She also has an innate distrust of authority figures, the princesses included. Though she is careful not to vocalize her misgivings it often leads to butting heads with the Royal Guard and why she lost her job in the shipbuilding guild.

Skill: Metalworker/engineer, was once employed in the Canterlot shipbuilding guild constructing airships. Now is self-employed working on a new invention called 'Air Skimmers,' which are an exoskeleton for a pony's back legs that assist in movement. Allowing the user to gallop faster, jump higher, and also dampens the impact of landings. (https://satisfactory.gamepedia.com/Blade_Runners)

I'm glad to see you enjoyed the story! Nice OC, I'll add Gauge into the raffle as well. Good luck and thanks for the submission :heart:

Aaaand closed! Thank you all for participating in the 2k Rookie Raffle! I will be announcing the winners tomorrow in another blog post and msging the winners.

To those who didn't win I'm sorry, you all had many great ideas and characters, but you still have a chance in future raffles! We definitely had a lot of submissions this time around and again I really appreciate that

Congrats to the winners and thank you all again! :pinkiehappy:

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