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Well, That Was Awkward · 5:40am Dec 21st, 2020

Have you ever stood on the side of a busy highway, looking out at the blur of passing traffic and asked yourself, "Why the ever loving f**k did I mount my phone there?" while looking at the tiny shards of what was once a working cellphone bounce along the asphalt? Well, if your answer is "no", then let me assure you you're doing far better than me at the present.

My phone held quite a bit of important information, not the least of which were my contacts, many of my pictures, and every note I've taken on my current work, "The Thorn of Equestria".

For future reference, just because a handlebar cellphone mount for a motorcycle looks secure doesn't mean it actually is. So, in light of this blunder of mine, I apologize for any delays in producing additional chapters for my books as I attempt to piece together the puzzle of literary information I once had stored on my phone (Rest in peace, phone).

May the wind always rise under your wings,

~ Wind Song

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