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    Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness! :) (SPOILER)

    I got back from watching Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and i got to say that… I love it more than the first movie to be honest with you.

    When they said this film is a horror movie, they weren't kidding on that one cause this one have a lot of violent deaths and some of the scenes that did caught me off-guard.

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    My thought on The Batman (SPOILER)

    Got back from watching The Batman.

    As much I love The Dark Knight Trilogy and I think The Dark Knight is the greatest superhero movie, I honestly thought The Batman is the best Batman movie.

    Pattinson's Batman spend more time as Batman than Bruce Wayne like more screen time on him wearing the batsuit.

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    My personal ranking on 2021 MCU movies and Disney+ shows

    After watching all 2021 MCU movies and Disney+ shows, here's my own ranking on them.

    MCU Movies

    1. Spider-Man: No Way Home (My personal favorite 2021 MCU movie and it was fucking awesome movie I ever watch!)

    2. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (Again, awesome movie with one of the best MCU villain!)

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    Santa got me The Story of Marvel Studios Book! πŸ˜€

    I been waiting to get my hands on the book! Now I can finally read this book to get the info regarding the making of their MCU movies (from Iron Man to Endgame/Far From Home)

    Merry Christmas!!!!!

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    I LOVE SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME!!!!!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    Sorry, Shang-Chi but No Way Home take the cake as my favorite MCU movie of 2021!

    The movie is just... damn awesome!!!!

    If you have not watch the film, I definitely recommend check it out! No Way Home is worthy addition and probably my favorite MCU Spider-Man movie.

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Why The Flash Sentry Chronicles is the best adaptation fic of the show · 7:48am Dec 14th, 2020

I tend to avoid reading any of the adaptation of the show fics cause most of them tend to be exactly same with OC characters just stand there and states the obvious and that's it.... what is the whole point of reading adaptation fic if it's going to be exactly same as the show? (There's some that do make a big change and one of them is pairing Rarity with Prince Blueblood of all ponies.... I never understood that pairing. :facehoof:)

So I came across The Flash Sentry Chronicles series and at first, I didn't want to read it cause it would be another "Exactly same as the show" fic but I give a try and oh my! I feel like I was reading a new story while stay true to the show! I means it's stand on its own while copy and paste the show like most adaptation fics do.

This fic made me care about Flash Sentry and yes, even Soarin because unlike their canon counterpart, they have an actual personality and a cute relationship with Twilight and Rainbow. (I rather have Twilight be with Flash than that damn Timber Spruce!)

Also, the fics have their own storyline and a lot of lores that wasn't in the show! The fics also fix the mistakes from the show like not making Season 6 into "The Starlight Glimmer Show"!

Sure, I know some people like other adaptation fics and my apologizes to anyone who wrote their adaptation fic but in my personal opinion, The Flash Sentry Chronicles is the best adaptation fic.

Thank you, Banshee and KingJoltik for this fic! I can't wait for more Flash Sentry Chronicles stories while try to read the previous stories too!

Now excuse me but I got Timber Spruce to hunt down and I hope he doesn't get Sci-Twi for Flash Sentry Chronicles of Legend of Everfree!

Comments ( 3 )

I agree. I have noticed the same problem with most adaptation fics in general. They tend to follow a copy-and-paste format with the biggest "changes" just being a few random OCs thrown in that don't do anything but steal lines from other characters. On this site I noticed a lot of them happen for Friendship Games and Legend of Everfree, where basically the exact same thing from canon happens except for a few ones where instead of Sci-Twi getting with Timber, she gets with Sunset instead.

But Banshee actually puts effort into his stories and makes his own original changes and plot lines. Making them not only the best adaptations fics, but some of the best staring Flash in general.

Yeah, that was my big issue with Adaptation fics but I glad Banshee made Flash Sentry Chronicles his own thing and not do copy-and-paste stuff like most authors do.

Regarding Legend of Everfree, Banshee is planning to sunk the ship between Sci-Twi and Timber Spruce for his take on that movie. (So yeah, unlike other fics on that one, this one won't have her ends with Timber or Sunset).

I don't like when people write adaptation fic when they copy and paste the show and change nothing. But there some I don't mind like this one writer who write the episodes, but you can tell in most of his episode rewrite is much different then the episode and the episode his dislike. He completely rewrites it to suit his story. Been a while since I read his story, but it's one of those I don't mind reading again.

Also others there is an adaptation fanfic that the writer write the episode and follow the time line, but never write every episode and forces on the world itself which I enjoy. Also, he use some background character to have a bigger role

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