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Rooster Teeth is shutting down after 21 Years · 7:03am March 7th


😀😑 This is bullshit!

It was announced that after 21 years, Warner Bros Discovery is shutting down Rooster Teeth.

I know Rooster Teeth have not great track records with how they handle the management as well their poor mistreatment toward workers but still, there are some decent workers in that company and they lost their jobs because Warner Bros Discovery bullshit.

I heard Warner Bros Discovery is in talk of selling their shows like RWBY, Red VS Blue and Gen: Lock... which is there's still hope for RWBY but considered they refuses to sell Coyote VS. Acme to any studios because they cares about Tax crap, I don't see them selling RWBY.

If that true, that would means RWBY would be left with no resolution to the story.

Fuck you, Zaslav! :twilightangry2: :flutterrage:

Comments ( 3 )

:ajsleepy: That's a shame. RWBY had it's ups and downs, but I was really hoping that we'd get to see how everything resolved in the end.

Sadly, it looks like resolutions are going to be restricted to fanfictions, unless somehow, someone is able to buy RWBY and either revamp or resolve the conflicts.

Sorry this happened, buddy. :fluttercry:

Hopefully someone(s) buys RWBY and RvB and gives them the endings they deserve, but it does suck that their creators won't be able to do it.

Oh that’s bullshit!!!! Total bullshit!!!!

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