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Hesitated Comfort · 4:33pm Nov 29th, 2020

“Ngh... Lavender... Lavender...”

Bezier heard a faint voice muttering from the bedroom she was just walking past. She looked into the entrance, seeing a familiar red changeling tossing and turning.

What’s he doing? Is he having a nightmare? she thought. Should I go help him? Or just let the Queen deal with it?

She blinked as soon as she heard Hive sniffling, sighing and walking in. Oh, what the heck? I’ll just do it.

Bezier hesitantly walked closer to the changeling, resting a hoof against his head, before grabbing a nearby tissue and wiping the tears on his face, blushing a little. He seemed to calm down enough.

That should do the trick... Bezier thought as she began walking out, looking behind her a few times as she left the room.

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Aww, wholesome

Adorable. Was slightly expecting some wholesome comfort cuddles also, but this works.

That probably comes later on

Thanks. I really like these two.

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