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Hippocratic Oath

I love reading, running, and traveling. My goal is to heal others; Trauma is my Trade ~ let’s get you back in the fight!

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Hippocratic Werewolf/Pony and Slurry Drop the Firefighting Bat Pony · 10:52pm Nov 26th, 2020

I wanted to draw Hippocratic Oath in her shifted form and finally got to it. I like how it turned out overall. Not only this but I also came up with another OC. His name is Slurry Drop; a thestral who’s profession lies in the Hollow Shades fire department. Hippocratic was bullied when she was a filly for being a werepony in a thestral community but Slurry Drop was fast to come to her aid and fight off the bullies. Oath and Slurry have been loyal friends ever since; they often share a mug of cider at the Dayshift Pub after a rough week on the job and love swapping stories about their days. Slurry Drop’s favorite fruits are bananas, lychee and mangos which he and Oath were gathering before something attacked him mid flight.

As always, comments and advice are welcome. What do you guys think?

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That's both an AMAZING design, and an interesting new OC :raritystarry:

Thank you so so much Tigress!! I had so much fun with Slurry Drop and I kind of went for a flying fox color palette since some slurry is red in color to mark drop sites in wild fires

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