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The Rookie Raffle! · 1:57am Oct 21st, 2020

~ I'm home so you know what that means, a raffle to celebrate 1k views! ~

This is something completely new I want to try out to have others involved in my fanfictions! Especially future ones. While this won't be available for every current story I have I at least want to try and do a raffle or contest for The Rookie whenever we hit a milestone!

  • This is how it's going to work:

The raffle is to have your OC, an idea, or a canon character of your choice (background or not) somehow involved in the story.

To submit your idea all you have to do is either comment in this post or DM me! (Especially if your idea is a juicy plot twist)

You can only submit one of the three I listed I'm afraid.

  1. OC: List their name, gender, race, personality, and maybe even a special skill if you'd like! Pictures or reference are optional as well.
  2. Idea: This one is more simple, just toss your idea in with as little or as much detail as you want and you'll be added into the raffle.
  3. Canon Character: Another simple one, just toss in the name of the canon character you want in the story! However I would like to ask that if it's an obscure background character with not a lot of known information to add some basic info of them if you can! Similar to the OC listing.

How the winner will be chosen is through a random generator!

You know- those things where you put in a bunch of names, click a button, and it randomly chooses? Either that or I could write your names down, toss you into a cup, and shake it up! Either works really. Just know it'll be a random pick! :pinkiehappy:

For this it will be 1 winner since it's my first experimental raffle. Unless, of course, way more people decide to join in. Depending on the amount of people active on this post or in my DMs I might increase the amount of winners and the amount of your ideas!

:twilightsheepish: And I won't lie, I got the raffle idea from twitter.

So for any who wish to participate, comment away! This raffle will close in a week on the 26th!
The winner will be announced on the 27th! And get a personal DM lol.

Can't wait to see what you all suggest!

Comments ( 15 )

Well I know that I said this before but, well here we go I (I don't really know what specifically I have to say🤷) but for the raffle I would like to nominate our Queen of the Night! 🌑NIGHTMARE MOON🌑 *fanfare*

Lol of course! Consider Nightmare Moon suggested by Cryohawk added into the raffle!

Hmmm, well how are you on bat ponies? If you are okay with them I have an oc called Moonlight Melody. She has a brown coat, a dark purple mane with streaks of blue and has a crescent moon surrounded by music notes cutie mark. Her special talent has is music but she spends her time traveling Equestria looking for old folk lore, stories and songs. She is very joyful and full of energy.

Bat ponies are completely fine! And she sounds adorable, into the raffle she goes :yay:

I'm tempted to suggest Lightning Dust even though I know she wouldn't really fit into this kind of story...

Well I could see one way, though it is a bit silly but could still work! would you like to suggest her?

Alright, if you think you could make it work then by all means!

For the raffle, I have both an IDEA / OC combo. Don't know if that's allowed, but here goes.

The IDEA is that Shining Armor is actually a really incompetent Guard Captain who only got where he was because Cadence had the hots for him, and The Villains learn about this from the OC: a guard that let Shiny cheat off him in a few classes at Guard academy that Shiny screwed over afterwards, who ended up joining the Royal Scouts because he lost faith in the Guard.

He can be any pony tribe, although pegasus would probably work best, he can have any name and look anyway, but that's his background.

Ohhh interesting idea! Cheatsie guard now gets tossed into the jar as well. Thanks for taking part! :pinkiehappy:

As far as a juicy plot twist and using a background character with no established history goes, I would like to point out there's a background character Pacifica (looks like a little bit like Pinkie Pie but with redder hair, green eyes, and different cutie mark, glow sticks as opposed to balloons) that just happens to share Cozy's last name.

Maybe you could use that somehow. Especially given that her special talent seems to be partying, which is proberbly something that would clash with Cozy's personality as a studious know it all. It would proberbly at least give you some good flashback material if you wanted to use her that way.

Good idea! I'll throw that in the raffle as well, but now you got me curious about this character lol.


I'll throw that in the raffle as well, but now you got me curious about this character lol.

I know right? If I was a writer I would proberbly do something on that connection myself at some point. Originally I had a entirely different character in mind. As it was, I figured that instead I could at least give you a character that would fit in with the story and open up some fresh possibilities.

Alright, raffle is closed! I’ll be making a post about the winner tomorrow!

Thank you all for participating, many of your ideas and the one cute bat pony oc would be great additions to the story but

I promised one winner :twilightblush:

Even then! There might be more chances in the future to submit an idea or character into the fanfic! I might try something different than a raffle at a later date too, of course. Thank you for reading!

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