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I like things that are spooky or cute. Now with kofi.

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    Mad Science Institute:

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Coming Soon: A Witch in Broad Daylight. · 8:58pm Oct 18th, 2020

So earlier this year I finished a vampire pony story (Final Corruption). But the obvious next question was: what about all the other monsters?

So that’s what I’m doing next. All the other monsters!

This Halloween it’s Rainbow Dash against zombies, witches, killer dolls, killer scarecrows, killer robots, mad scientists, werewolves, ghosts, banshees, Final Destination-esque death curses, cryptids, psychics, basically Jason Voorhees, mare-eating plants, alien cultists, Cthulhu cultists, demon cultists, flesh golems, swamp mutants, sewer mutants, sewer alligators, alien invaders, Diamond Tiara, a chupacabra, a bridge troll, curses, gremlins, a bunch of spooky crows, giant insects and a zombie dragon in her attempt to defeat Twilight Sparkle- the most OP witch who ever lived.

And yes, that’s the actually list! Rainbow Dash will have to deal with all of that bullsh:yay:t in the upcoming comedy horror adventure: A witch in Broad Daylight!

Coming next week (25th) with rapid updates till Halloween and then… less rapid updates. Not 100% done yet.

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