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Wanderer's Diary: Other Sides, chapter 2 · 6:09pm Oct 4th, 2020

"The last thing the Capital Wasteland needs right now is another hero."

(Fanfiction.net version.)

So, I really wasn't sure about how to format this one.

For those unaware, Other Sides is a spin-off of the main Wanderer's Diary story that I started writing back in 2014, but only did one chapter of until now. Unlike the main story, which is a dark comedy written almost entirely in a diary format with the occasional audio transcript, Other Sides is a more traditional prose style story, and is more tonally serious, since it's no longer told from the perspective of a funny psychopath.

I finally got around to writing the second chapter (which is pretty damn short for six years of work, but whatever), and my first instinct was to do it in the retro style of blog updates I'm using again for Survivor's Testament. But I don't think that fits so well for a story without the typical comedic tone or weekly format of the other Diaryverse stories, so I'm going with my standard chapter preview model for this instead. I'm probably way overthinking this for something I'm sure very few of you care about, but again, whatever. I'm having fun writing Fallout again.

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Also, just on the off-chance any of y'all are here early, you may want to use the docs version to read, because it takes new chapters over half an hour after publishing to actually appear in the chapter drop-down menu on fanfic.net, and it still isn't there yet at time of blog posting, despite being readable on the site through a direct link. I hate Fanfic.net so fucking much, holy shit.

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