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CH19 is up of Desperados, and guns!!! · 2:11pm Oct 2nd, 2020

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The pipe rifle, looks more like a submachine gun than a rifle. Other than that, these look pretty cool, I especially like the pipe assault rifle. Reminds me of the the makeshift rifle (that's the look you were going for)


well I did accidentally listed the SMG as a rifle, not catching it until after it was inked in...

But ya, that's the handmade rifle from fallout 4. I'd basically a pip AK47, figuring if Redeye was having guns be made for his army, that would be the final result of tinkering. you can red the lore for it and the other guns I've drawn, the Zebra guns came out real wall. Also all of them are ment for ponies in mind.

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