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If I could make a video game perk, it would be Suicidal Tendencies

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  • Today
    My moms doggos

    The big doggo is named Lady, and the smol puppo is Dixie Blue

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  • Today
    Quick announcement

    The Fang Gang series will be on a sort of hiatus until I finish TFCPW series. It’s only four stories, and the conflict in the next Fang story will make some sense.

    Thank you for understanding.

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  • Friday
    Undead Nightmare: Ponyville 5-10

    Wave 5

    Hero and Zen ran down the halls of the school, giant flaming dogs chasing them.

    “Fuck! Hellhounds!” Hero yelled. They kept running, opening doors as best they could. However, their points were dwindling. 

    They turned the corner, before noticing a box. 

    “What the hell?” Zenex said.

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  • Friday
    So, using songs to vent.

    Basically, for context, as lunch, the same group of assholes came to mess with me. One of them called me a bitch. That didn’t bother me.

    then, they came back and one of them started talking shit about Ma.

    So, the first song is Dying Breed by FFDP, and the second is Burn MF, also by FFDP



    Round 1!
    I swear to god I'd do it for fun

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  • Friday
    I look like the smuggest motherfucker ever

    This face definitely says, “I just fucked your mom.”

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So... · 5:55pm Sep 11th, 2020

I played these songs for my little sister. She began head whipping.

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Comments ( 10 )

A baby head whipping? I’d pay to see that.

Heh, she was (trying) singing along and everything

Heh, I bet it was cute

Heh. Kids nowadays.

Heh, yeah. She maaaaaay have gotten the head whipping from me:twilightsheepish:

Like brother, like sister.

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