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  • Tuesday
    New Story Idea

    Hero being tickled. By who? I have no idea. Still.

    *Breathes in*


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  • Tuesday
    Hell isn’t Better

    *Zenex has been slaying demon after demon, watching them fell beneath his hooves. However, he found himself bored. After all, slaying demons only got so fun*

    *Sigh* “Spiders, imps, lost souls, ravagers, what else?”

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  • Tuesday

    Heheheheheheheheheheh... immaturity

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  • Tuesday
    This guy is the reason I’m surviving Online School

    Comedy so dark it picks cotton. (I’m black okay, cut me some slack)

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  • Tuesday
    Fang Gang Shorts #94

    Kymara looked at Blue Fang. “Daddy?”

    Blue looked down. “Yes?”

    Kymara was holding Blue’s Spec Ops badge. “Wha’s this?”

    Blue smiled a bit. “Heheh... that’s my job badge,” he said, scooping her up and cradling her. “Heh, me and mommy protect creatures...”

    Kymara gasped and her face lit up. “Like sup-ah hewoes?”

    Blue chuckled and nodded. “Mhm, like super heroes.”

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    7 comments · 17 views

Welp, Zeus struck him down. · 9:08pm August 11th

Report MlpHero · 32 views · #Random
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Comments ( 17 )

Huh...well, it was bound to happen, that was very stupid

Top ten moments before disaster.

Yeah. He might as well have climbed a tree

Heheh, noice

Yeah. May as well have had every electrical appliance in his house

Him: “You don’t have the balls—”

Zeus: “That’s where you’re wrong.”

That dude’s an idiot.


He should’ve worn his iron armor.

Holy shit, I see someone with about as shitty luck as mine is.

Yeah, that’s the obvious part.

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