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Random blog post #2: sound blast from the past! · 11:22pm Nov 23rd, 2012

Hellloooooooo, everypony! Welcome to the absolutely irregular, airing-whenever-we-feel-like-it TIM show!

I realise that I haven't been showing many signs of life here on FiMfiction in the past couple of weeks, so I'm here to remedy that. Yep, I'm still here and going along, although November is being difficult and bothersome as usual. With an increased workload, oppressive weather and a constant virus that just. won't. go. AWAY:flutterrage: no matter how I treat it, I can't find much time to write, so the comedy is still waiting on the workbench. However, I did manage something, namely get rid of another extremely bothersome fic idea that has been nagging me for ages by way of writing it out and discussing it with Hat. And it really helped, too, so thanks, pony!:twilightsmile:

Still, this November is going quite a bit better than usual, because ponies.:pinkiehappy:

But this is not why I'm talking to you here and now, or rather, not precisely. Of course I'm talking about ponies, but today I want to go in a different direction altogether and ask you to look back in time. Nope, nothing overly deep or such, but rather something artistic. It also has little to do with stories, but I'm doing it anyway, so there you go.

In one of my usual bouts of philosophising about, I took a look at the early days of my active bronydom, which happened to be around the middle of May of 2012. Back then I was just discovering the awesome size and depth of the brony community and beginning to really get into it, rather than simply watch the episodes like I used to do since December 2011/January 2012. In particular, I remembered the first musical contributions to the community that I came upon and gave a go.

The first one is Big City Underground (Rarity Battle Theme), by one tallgrass115. I immediately fell in love with its jazzy piano and how it mixed with the rest of the sound and produced a lovely rhytm that is very much Rarity :raritystarry:. As the name implies, it is done in the way of battle themes heard in retro games, and I believe it could do a very good job as one. It's catchy and flows very well, to boot.

The second one is Flying with Rainbow Dash by Rainbowdashyy and Danielpony. It also features a beautiful piano part, but here it is mixed with equally high-quality guitarwork, producing a great atmosphere. The picture they used for the cover art helps express the feeling and images it inspired in me: that of a doubtlessly cool pegasus :rainbowdetermined2: enjoying a leisurely, relaxed flight at the sunset of a beautiful summer day, of gliding through the air and enjoying the feeling of freedom and self-satisfaction after a long day of fruitful work. The samples of Dash's lines appearing at three points during the track help reinforce this image of a content Dash having a laid-back, just-for-fun kind of flight.

Both of them have since been replayed many, many times, particularly in the first couple of weeks after I discovered them, but they haven't lost their appeal in the slightest. Moreover, when I listen to them now I remember those early days of my participation in bronydom, what I was thinking of back then and the first stages of construction of Darkest Hour. Those are good thoughts that only enhance the value of these two tunes.

Needless to say, I recommend that you check these two out. They're well worth your attention, I assure you.:twilightsmile:

Now, question time! The above was my first real foray into the world of musical creations of bronydom. What was yours, and what was it like? Do you remember it the way I do? On to the comments, everypony

To cap the day off, here is something unexpected I got: a picture edited together by one Redbush, depicting Twilight and her good friend Universe! Well, technically it's a galaxy or something, but we all know that Twilight and Universe are good pals, so I say it's just a symbol.

This has been the TIM show, everypony! Good day to all y'all!:ajsmug:

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I'm pretty sure the first major pony music that got me to at least try out stuff from time to time, was Odyssey's "Discord". When writing Trixcord, I would listen to this to get all fired up.

oh my

Now, question time! The above was my first real foray into the world of musical creations of bronydom. What was yours, and what was it like? Do you remember it the way I do? On to the comments, everypony

Back in November last year bronydom discovered then ponies. First time i found all the vast quantities of content i felt like Twilight in the library in the premiere of season 3.
One of the first tunes i really got into was sunshine and celery stalks by pinkiepieswear. That along with some fics i first tentatively looked at in January/February?
I still think of Fo:E every time i hear that tune, that and making lentil soup and crisps. Because that was my diet at the time.

good times.

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