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So where the hay have I been anyway? · 9:10pm Apr 17th, 2013

Unlikely though it may be, some of you might have noticed that I kinda vanished from FiMFiction there for a while. Do not be alarmed: I'm still alive. More or less, anyway.

The reason for my disappearance is complex, and is mainly composed of a lack of any sort of inspiration or drive to write anything, then-winter blues and the relative success of my first forays into the world of pony artwork. They're tentative, but not exactly as bad as I expected them to be. The positive returns from artwork turned out to be much greater than those from writing, which I didn't want to do by then anyway, so there you have it. I even lost the desire to read fics at that moment: while I still respected the medium and such, I just didn't want to partake in it.

I've also taken to giving a greater amount of feedback on things such as artwork. It's something I rather enjoy doing (although it does not have to mean I'm particularly skilled at it). As a result of the above and this, I near-completely forgot about FiMFiction until stumbling upon JohnPerry's most recent story and remembering everything.

That does not mean I relinquish my possible writing aspirations, not at all. It's just that every single story concept I've had so far either looks too intimidating to try or does not make me want to write it at all. My lack of confidence in my writing ability does not help the matters. Hopefully, another story concept presents itself in the future, one that I will be more willing to write and more secure about writing. As a bonus side effect, that hypothetical will likely have homebrew artwork to go with it, made by myself.

So... yeah. Pardon on dropping under the floor like that, those who it might've mattered to.
I make no promises about writing or not writing. The less obligations I take upon myself, the easier I'll feel, anyway. We'll see how it goes. But just in case, don't discount me completely just yet.
Right now, my schedule is pretty crazy, enough to only permit doing the feedback thing, but that will change, as it always does. Once there, we'll see.

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