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    Random Idea #74: (non)Combustion Civilization

    This thought was spawned from comments across the internet about just how much of a technological boost the utilization of fossil fuels for industry gave to humanity. As much as it sucks long term environmentally (carbon, smog, nitrous oxides, etc) and short term (volatility to exploding via sparks), fossil fuels are, still, unparalleled in mobile, compact power, and gives one the resources to

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  • 2 weeks
    Random Idea #73: Simu-Chess

    It is known that in Chess, what color you play as is not equal. White, going first, has a slight advantage. 

    One “solution” I’ve seen around is various forms of “Real Time Chess.”

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    Diary Updoot 21 - 22

    Hey y'all. Finally got to write my favorite chapter. If nothing else, Ch 21 added a completely new fight sequence between Agatha and Gladas, and a better explanation to why Agatha was sitting around until the last minute, to draw a bridge to the conflict between Agatha and Harmony.

    Ch 22 got minor edits to flow better and link with the previous chapter's exposition better.

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    Diary Updoot 19 - 20

    Chapter 19, Birdwatcher, has been cleaned up, and updated to follow the changes of 16 - 18. Twilight adds commentary.

    Chapter 20 is unchanged outside of small grammatical edits.

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    Diary updoot 16 - 18

    Hey, y'all. Was going to update this in December, but instead I spent time doodling SA art. Hopefully there's enough of its fans here too to see it

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a different, yet similar, problemy · 6:12pm Jul 19th, 2020

Comments ( 6 )

Yup, accurate


Twitter being Twitter? Otherwise, I'm drawing an utter blank, and feel oddly privileged for that.

The stick figure fence-sitting on the dark side of the path.


AppleTank added the fencesitter in the middle.


Ah, yes. That sounds like Twitter, allright.

I've seen some cool stuff from there... but man, is it the unholy spawn of an echo chamber and a cesspit when it's at its worst.


Fair enough. Hadn't seen the original.

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