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Was inspired to write, and write shall I do.

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Hey guys. · 9:11pm Jul 15th, 2020

A girl tried to shank me. But I'm alright, don't worry gamers.

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Comments ( 14 )


I’m glad to hear you are doing good.

Ehhh. Went to the wrong part of the town with my friends.

Yeah. Now that I think about it, me and my friends are kinda fucked up.

I hope it never happens again, but I hope you recollect the moments right before it happened so you'll be aware enough to be equipped to better avoid it.

The unfortunate reality is that you have to be your own 911 first for most of the times you might need it.

Dear God! I'm glad you're alright my friend

where the hell you live were A girl tried to shank you?

Two words: Pocket Shotgun.

What I'm trying to say, always keep something on you that you can use to defend yourself.


Shank as in, stab with a knife :rainbowderp:?!



Well, shit... :applejackunsure: I'm literally lost for words right now... I hope you're OK.

*note to self*
Crazy bitches are everywhere... :facehoof:

Well, I kinda went to the wrong part of the town, but you are right.

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