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My Reply to Mykan's rant. · 7:52pm Jul 7th, 2020

Here is Mykan's newest rant

I know that he will block me from replying to his so I decided to make a reply in my blog.

Mykan says that he has the right to make his characters not like canon, which he does as I have seen a few fantics in which the characters are very OOC (Fall of Equestria, Ranbow Factory, Cupcakes, etc). But yet he forgets that others can play his game.

Many of his 'haters' now have a reason to make his own characters VERY OOC in their Reconstructions and Deconstructions. It is like that he has given them a lettre de marque to do as they want with Lightning Dawn and his other characters.

Perhaps Mykan should think first before posting.

Comments ( 5 )

Oh goodie, another temper tantrum.

Guy needs to stop shooting off his mouth just because he thinks the franchise revolves around his ego .

Artist #2 · Jul 7th, 2020 · · 1 ·

I can’t even comment on his post, because he blocked me, that idiot

To be honest, I think being made to stay inside thanks to The Pandemic has made him even more bitter at the world.

Given how most of his OC keep to themselves and remain closed off to the outside world, I wouldn't be surprised if he likes this kind change just because it's how his characters would act regardless.

If he can say what he wants, other people can say whatever they want.

I love how MuckyMuck (I refuse to call him by his actual user name)

Super Kami Guru: Oh so he calls himself King? Pretentious Prick.

Anyway I love how he acts like he's the only one who can do whatever he wants online and nobody else can do anything about it.

I mean the best he can come up are characters who are assholes because life sucks yet at the same time are too lazy to actually improve their own lives. It's their own fault things aren't better, lash out as miserable douchebags and we're expected to feel sorry for them?

That's not even getting to his Teen Titan stories. So, because Beast Boy got screwed over in the show, Muckymuck decides to write stories where the Teen Titans treat him like shit and he basically goes the super villain equivalent of a school shooter?

...really? 'Oh my "favorite character" didn't get a happy ending so I'm gonna make his life a bigger Hell and have him go on a violent rampage?'

Under normal circumstances I would be concerned that he's trying to encourage readers to go on shooting sprees if they feel wronged. Like the guy is actively supporting more violence in the world.

That's under normal circumstances. In the case of Muckymuck; I've got him all figured out.

This whole hating My Little Pony and everything it stands for? It's all an act. A persona. I mean all those lousy stories he writes? That's all part of his plan; his true intention. At the end of the day MuckyMuck is another one of those dime-a-dozen trolls who write provocative stories because they know someone will object. Then he plays the victim card and says everyone else is at fault for not ignoring him like "mature" people. At least, by that logic, he's admitting that he himself is immature.

But why does he do it? Simple: he wants attention. If he can't be famous through actual efforts and accomplishments, then he'll be infamous. What better way to be infamous than to pose as the "archenemy" of beloved and popular franchises like My Little Pony, Teen Titans, and Digimon?

Read between the lines and look through that bland costume and you'll see all this is nothing more than one big publicity stunt for a nobody trying to be his own twisted idea of a somebody.

Oh I've been tempted to write my own stories where his characters got their asses whooped. The only reason they achieve anything is because of the Plot Armor he gives them. Without them winning because Muckymuck says so, even someone low tier like Yamcha can kick their asses.

But now that I've said my piece I don't need to. I applaud all the people who write deconstruction fics of his work and create actual stories with his characters. Hats off to all of you.

Me? I'm gonna focus on stories that showcase my love for fiction like My Little Pony. If for some reason Muckymuck decides that I'm worth the time of day (if he actually ever reads this in the first place) I have gone up against people way worse than him and compared to how he acts, their reasons actually hold some water.

Maybe one day we'll be rid of him. He's bound to slip up eventually and get booted off every site he goes on. But until then know that deep down, it's all an attention grab and he has no real power.

Phew. Sorry for the long speech but I have noticed how much this guy has gotten under a lot of people's skin.

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