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Changing Canon Characters (Teen Titans, and Twilight Sparkle in Starfleet) · 5:12pm Jul 7th, 2020

Before I go onto Masquerade's Attitude blog, there are some things you people need to get through your heads.

Things Change! The characters you want them to be are just a memory.

When I portray characters, I usually don't portray them the way they acted in the series, mostly because I DON'T LIKE the way they acted (Which is a key element in inspiring Fanfiction. "We don't like what happened, or things were handled, so we write fanfiction to get what WE WANTED")

You also have to understand, (In the case of Teen Titans) The series is OVER, this is AFTER "Things Change" what happened after that, as in Terra's not the only character that can change (She's had multiple changes) After all, just because Terra can change doesn't mean the other characters can't either. If that IS so, then that means I can chew Terra out for HER changes all I want.

-Who says the titans can't change?
-Who says they shouldn't?

...There's no rule that says I can't change them, especially since in real life people change as they get older (Sometimes not for the best) they don't have to grow up, and be mature and things like that... that's not how reality works. (Everyone is different)

Also, as an argument to how people have bitched at me over the years.

"That's not Beast Boy/The Titans.

...I know. This/these are THE NEW Beast Boy/Titans (Kind of like Teen Titans Go compared to the Original Series)

"That's not how it was in the series."

I just said, That series is over "In the past" which people also say "Get over it and let go" This is the NEW series... The NEW times...

Things Change! The characters you want them to be are just a memory.

And besides, if they still argue with me saying "This is not how they were! This isn't how it was in the series... blah, blah, blah."

My argument tot hat is simple.

...That's keeping Things the way they were... YOU wanted CHANGE. (If you side with Terra, and approve of her Change and her normal life, then you shouldn't complain about Beast Boy/The Titans being changed as well)

This is my Fanfiction world... you can't be on both sides.

"Change" or "Stay as you are always"

"Good" or "Evil"

"Hot" or "Cold"

"Light" or "Dark"

"You're With us." or "You're Against us!"

...Pick One

"Are you IN... or OUT?"

So don't go Telling me that Terra's change is okay, but the character's changes (that I give them) are not.


Beast Boy: After being dumped by Terra (One straws too many pulled in his life) He's no longer this pathetic comic relief, or stupid goofball that is the butt of everyone's jokes, and no more ignorance either.

Now, he is an unsung hero, whom (While they were away BEFORE Things Change) he has lost a great deal of his popularity as a hero (People don't look up to him, or appreciate him unlike the other Titans which they deem cool)

It's time for his mask of laughter that he hides behind to come off. Time for him to embrace the horror and be who he really is; a depressed, unenthusiastic, dark, lonely, hopeless individual who is doomed to never find happiness no matter how hard he works for it, or any good deed that he does.

...His entire life is just one disaster, heartbreak, tragedy, falling out after another.

(This is essential for the plots that I want in my fanfics)

(Only a sad and broken person can sing a song like this... happy people are not to touch it)

Raven: No more of this, Sometimes she's mean, and sometimes she's kind. Now, she is more grumpy, callous, cantankerous, arrogant, unsympathetic, and above all Creepier, than ever... especially towards Beast Boy.

*Things Change* "I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I actually wish Beast Boy were here."

She only sees him as an ignorant, annoying kid who will never amount to anything, and refuses to take him seriously anymore, and likes it better when he doesn't speak, (even if he has a good idea) or just plain not being around at all because just the very sight of him annoys her, and prompts her to smack him more times than ever, whether he says something that annoys her or not. Sometimes, she'll slap him just because she feels like it.

She refuses to open up to him, and couldn't care less if he got hurt or ran away (Until she starts to admit her problems and realize what a bitch she's been.)

This is all done out of my spite for Raven, wanting her to be punished for being so callous, and to ADD to Beast Boy's growing pains and stress to make the plots go the way I want them.

Cyborg: He used to be best buds with BB, but even That can change too (Nothing lasts forever) Cyborg is more serious than ever now. Hardly is into gaming or sports, doesn't have time or interest to play video-games with BB anymore, preferring to work on his machinery or get jobs, and deeming himself too mature to hang with Beast Boy anymore.

If something goes wrong, he usually blames Beast Boy for it, or claims that everything Beast Boy says is not true (Even if he's right) he has no confidence in the little guy anymore, and just like and prefers to work on his own, and not let BB help him.

Cyborg's idea is BB needs to grow up, and be more like him, and leave the past behind, including video games, fun time, and "Get with the winning team" if not, he'll regard him as "Pathetic" especially if he protests or shows the least amount of discontent.

Robin: He's more serious and more arrogant than ever. Just like Cyborg, he has abandoned most ways of fun, preferring to stay focused on everything, and preferring to leave the past behind him and not think of it anymore. Which also leads to careless and cold-heartedness.

He doesn't care if BB has his heart broken and demands he "Suck it up, grow up, and move on" right away, which usually resorts him to being hard on Beast Boy during missions, even if he does the right thing and the mission is one, Robin shows nothing but discontent and disregard for Beast Boy, only then to discover what a jerk he's been and tries to make it up to him, but too late... you don't get to act mean and nasty and them sweet your way out of it like that. Robin chose his side (The chip on his shoulder) now he'll live with it.

Starfire: She's now as ignorant as ever, mostly due to her relationship with Robin. Because of her happy and bubbly and romantic experiences, this leads her to give the wrong advice to the wrong people, and instead of making them happier, she's only making the situation worse.

Like telling Beast Boy "There's plenty of fish in the sea"

I applaud Beast Boy for not believing her and walking out like that (He's acting just like I want him to)

There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but the fisherman has no desire for any of them and will not cast his line again. He would rather die than be without the one who got away.

And just like Robin, she too will act sour towards Beast boy if does not consent to their ideas and their way of thinking, as well her attempts to help him (which are bad and ineffective) fail to please him.

She is no longer the big sister she once was to him.

...That's the basic changes to the Titans.


I've hated her since Day one, because of her friendship, enthusiasm, overconfidence, blindless, and inexperience when it comes to suffering what the Titans go through (Irrecoverable effects or burns for life that you will never forget)

I don't see her as rational, level-headed, and things like that...

This is how I see and portray her in Starfleet.

She believes that friendship and studying can solve all problems, which leads to arrogance and overconfidence in her skills as a fighter. She believes that she is right in all things, but is often proven to be sadly mistaken.


In Season 2: during her training to get her commission, Grand Ruler and Celestia flunk her in her course, in attempt to teach her a lesson: "Sometimes what you WANT to do is not what you SHOULD do." (Sometimes the OBVIOUS choice is the WRONG choice)

But Twilight acts so arrogant and rude throughout the episode (Because she doesn't understand) that talking to her and trying to reason with her are proving ineffective. She still believes she is right and they are wrong.

So, an elaborate ruse is set up to make her EXPERIENCE trouble (There is no substitute for Experience) in order for her to finally GET IT!

There's a fire in the mine, and a family of ponies (They are illusions) are trapped under fallen derbies and the ceiling will cave in above them any second. Twilight feels she should free the family, but is ordered by Grand Ruler to "put out the fire first." She reluctantly douses the flames first, and the cave in burring the family, who are hurt and need medical treatment.

Still as arrogant and angry as ever, Twilight calls Grand Ruler out on being wrong. Grand Ruler, calmly, insists Twilight did the right thing, only for her to storm off in a huff, still thinking he is wrong.

It is only after then, she begins to realize her errors...

Why did she Flunk her training exercise...?

Revisiting the training session, she realizes that she did shoot all the target monsters that appeared with her magic, only some of the targets were wearing mirror armor that could have deflected the magic back at her. (Those targets she was supposed to attack physically, not shoot them) and in her haste she had also shot prop-barrels of "Gun Powder"

She races back to the mine and realized if she hadn't put out to fire first, it would have reached a create full of dynamite, and the whole mine would have exploded. (Teleportation the family out and then returning to douse the fire would prove no good. Sometimes a split second is all it takes)

Twilight has learned what Grand Ruler was telling her, "Sometimes what you WANT to do is not what you SHOULD do." (Sometimes the OBVIOUS choice is the WRONG choice) He's trying to tell her that sometimes you just can't save everyone, and you have to do the better thing.

Being a hero/fighter isn't just about making good decisions, you have to be responsible for bad ones. You have to be prepared to make that lousy call... sacrifices, including a few people if it's for the best. That's what real life heroes are faced with every day.

"Sometimes, you just can't save everyone"

After a pep-talk with Grand Ruler, Twilight is finally prepared to take her training more seriously.

Another instance of Twilight's arrogance and carelessness occurs in a Flashback of Season 4 (Before she died)

She is so fascinated by the Uniforce; it's so powerful, greater than anything she can do and has ever seen, and she wants to learn how to use it herself, but is bluntly told by Grand Ruler that because she does not have a rare golden horn (Like he and Lightning do) she can never summon the uniforce, leaving her feeling crushed and jealous!

Still determined to at least match the Uniforce, she goes on a training-spree, pushing her magic to dangerous levels, and in her reckless haste, she accidentally unleashes a sleeping monster that causes havoc.

...That's basically how I portray Twilight "A bungler who makes up for it with her loyalty and assistance"

People may argue with me that I've removed all the fun traits, or character depths that make her cool...

...again I protest "Those TRAITS and DEPTHS only make me want to gag." (Twilight was never cool to me)

But there you have it...

Things Change! The characters you want them to be are just a memory.

"They're not the way they were in the show at all."

That's keeping things the way they are. YOU wanted CHANGE. (Because you sided with Terra and approve of what she did, and you keep saying "Let it go" "Grow up" "Leave the past behind")

This is a horrible change. We don't like this kind of Change.

..................................Then maybe you ought to be a little more careful with what you wish for.

You wanted Change...
You demanded Change...
You got Change...


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