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Contest: final reminder! · 12:50pm July 1st

23 hours remain to submit your entries. This will be the last you hear from me until I've read and critiqued all the stories. You will not receive comments on your stories--all of you WILL get a review in the final grading process, though.

I have extensions open for a few people:

  • One week added for the broken keyboard.
  • Anyone who is submitting this as their first story should send me proof that the story is in the moderation Q before the 23 hours are up and I'll accept it when it is approved.

-GM, master of bread.

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Comments ( 2 )

"The moderation Q" makes me think there's a member of the Continuum on the story approval staff. Delightful mental image.

Also, good luck to all entrants!

Shilic #2 · July 1st · · ·

Wait, you mean the mods aren't omnipotent aliens from another dimension? I've believed in a lie all these years!

Mind shattering reveals aside, good luck to everyone entering! I'm going to make a serious attempt to read all the entries (even though I still haven't gotten around to reading entries from contests held years ago, but they aren't as many this time, so hopefully...)

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