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When faced with the evils of this world, happiness can give you the foundation to bear it, sadness gives you the wisdom to acknowledge it, and anger gives you the strength to oppose it!

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wait... Bibleman? is that you? · 8:50am June 26th

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Comments ( 6 )

Is this for real?

Gnarl #2 · June 26th · · ·

I hope it's not but, knowing how our world is now, I can't say it isn't. It Sucks! :flutterrage:

Gnarl #3 · June 26th · · ·

I grew up with Bible Man Dang it! Why do they have to drag him through the mud as well!? :raritycry:

Bible Man has gone to the dark side bois

Grahf #5 · June 26th · · ·

you either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain

*Gasp* Bibleman...

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