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A New Project · 3:47pm June 13th

Well, fimfiction went down at an inconvenient time... But hey, we're back!

And I've just started a brand new project that (gasp) has nothing to do with ponies! It's an intereactive story set and focused around the Final Fantasy games. The plan is to go through all the games one by one and pretend like we can connect them in one narrative story, where I continually ask the readers what characters we should throw into the situation fro, a wide number of franchises! It's just barely getting started, but be sure to throw your hat into the rings! We already have the party for FF1 selected, but who knows what other decisions might lie in wait for us?


Also, it has Jenny. You all like Jenny, right?

Come join the fun!

-GM, master of Final Fantasy.

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Comments ( 3 )

That happen often?

Too bad. When I began reading that, I was hoping you are going to start a huge ponification of "Final Fantasy".....

there may or may not end up being ponies in it, depending on what the readers do
-GM, master of origami.

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