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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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My View On Displaced Stories · 7:52am May 13th, 2020

I don't think I will ever write one, unless it's about a Neckbeard going to Neckbeard-con and he becomes a Neckbeard in Equestria. I can't bring myself to read them. The Neckbeard in my story also needs to be morbidly obese and with long rockstar like hair.

I'm sorry they sound dumb even for me. They ruin iconic characters from other genres. If I want to see Batman In Equestria, I want him to be actually Batman, not some neckbeard dressed up as him.

Report Bendy · 152 views · #Displaced
Comments ( 7 )

Bendy what are you smoking, and were can i find some?

7F #2 · May 13th, 2020 · · 1 ·

Agreed the Displaced are absolutely trash and worst type of self insert. And even that not enough for them , they often crossover themselve with other Displaced What a disgusting thing they are. Neckbread x Neckbread
I Only touch them they make conflict with pones as i am not so fond of them as well human superialist and when they converted with friendship i cut off them.

Your stories can not compared with these trash self inserts but your recent works seemed only around with growing titan and horses booty and i miss your old-variety funny sex themed stories where various ponies hunt down your sexy anon.

Good works good luck you and you can call me heretic for not worship that gigantic goddess booty.

I agree, if x character is sent to Equestria, send THAT character. It's even worse when they think "oh, I'm dressed as a bad guy, guess I'll start killing!"

Comment posted by Bendy deleted May 13th, 2020

No smoke, just watch a lot of Futurama.

I don't mind... self insert most of the time. But Displaced was too much, even for me. The Neckbeard idea, was me thinking about mocking said stories.

Hopefully, I can return to such older stories of mine. I can't always just write big pony x human stories.


Exactly. I even like crossovers, but not neckbeards dressed as cool characters from other works.

Even if I was displaced as Sauron, I would not want to harm the ponies

I don't mind stories with 'anon in equestria' or even human characters in Equestria, or even other fandom characters in Equestria.

But I agree, I don't personally like these "Human goes to convention dressed as (insert character here) and winds up in Equestria as (insert character here) and now has all their powers/abilities"

......either write a human OC, or write the character (like you mentioned for instance, Batman)

I don't see the point in writing the displaced-turns into fandom character stories. I agree with your point, if I wanted to see that character, I'd want it to be them, not someone who looks like them (or has their power set, etc)

I generally have no problem with displaced stories, but there's some really REALLY bad ones out there. There's definitely some really well written displaced stories but usually they use the concept of displaced and being displaced as a plot device to delve into personal issues of the character. A large amount of why they're good is because the individual who has become the character they dressed as has actual growth and character development in which they become a better version of themselves, usually because they have accepted their worst parts and have moved on with some help from the fact that they now have character traits of the character they were originally cosplaying as. That is to say, they don't just randomly start a harem with all the major characters of the show plus the princesses plus some OCs they randomly shoved into there, nor do they power trip and become either some perfect hero or perfect villain.

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