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I am the king of stupid things! I think...

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  • Wednesday
    Fang Gang Shorts #45

    A group of Devil Horn marched through the tree of White Tail. Dagger looked over to Mantis. “I’m just saying dude, if you’re gonna ship somebody, then why wait?”

    “You have a lotta things wrong with you...”

    “Yeah, yeah, I love you too buddy.”

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    16 comments · 23 views
  • Wednesday
    HeroSins #3

    Everything Wrong With

    Equestria Girls Random Scenarios: random moments #04

    This was a request

    (By this fella)

    Zephyr Breeze was focused on one of the many games he had installed on his laptop, sitting on the sofa with a can of soda at his side.

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    5 comments · 15 views
  • Wednesday
    I just realized that the original BoSH song wasn’t taken down

    But I still would’ve liked to have my rewrite...

    5 comments · 12 views
  • Tuesday
    Welp, Zeus struck him down.

    17 comments · 28 views
  • Tuesday
    He A Country Boi

    *Minding his business*

    “Heeey Hero.”

    “Hey Dag.”

    “So, you’re country, right?”

    “Eh, a bit. Why?”

    “Can you prove how country you are?”

    “Sure. What should I do? Talk in my country accen—”

    “I want you to bang your sibling.”



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I’m currently fishing · 9:04pm April 26th

I probably won’t catch anything because of my luck over these past years.

Report MlpHero · 22 views · #Fishing
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Comments ( 10 )


Just keep fishing!

Well, I’ll be out here a few hours so yeah, that’s what I’ll keep doing

It was a reference to "just keep swimming"

Well, that’s the next movie I’m rewatching. If it’s on Netflix and or Hulu

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