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    Hey, What Happened?

    I was trying to find one of the hottest FlutterDash stories I've seen "Me Fluttershy, You Dash", but I wasn't able to. When I tried looking for the story through my browser history, I got a 404. What's going on? Why was the story deleted? Did something happen to the author's profile, and if so, is there anyway it can be restored? I felt those were some good stories that person wrote.

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    I've Changd My Mind

    After getting a few encouraging words from viewers, I've decided to let "Pinkie's Potty Problem" remain readable. According to others, it's comments I should focus on, not the votes, and the comments I've received so far are very positive. For my fans, I won't revoke my story, and hopefully, the upvotes will eventually overtake the downvotes.

    To my loyal readers, I say 'Thank you'.

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    I am completely shocked over what I'm seeing. Nothing like this has ever happened to me in all my years on Fimfiction.

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    Received A Review Today

    Well, to anyone who isn't aware, my story "You Call That A Costume?" was reviewed by PaulAsaran today.

    To put it gently, it wasn't as comforting as I was hoping.

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    I Just Suffered A Disappointment

    Well, to anyone who didn't know, Dirty Little Secret's Dirty Little Contest is over. Unfortunately...

    My story "Making Waves" didn't win any of the categories.

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Is Feedback Really Too Much To Ask For? · 7:49pm Apr 26th, 2020

Hey, everyone,
I have to say, I'm a bit down at the moment. See, in the past two days, my new story "Making Waves" has received a great number of favorites. While I'm glad that people like it, I wish they would leave comments as well. I've waited two whole days for somebody to comment on my story, and so far, only one person has! Come on, people, I put a lot of hard work into that story, looking forward to what everyone would say. I thought with the combination of the hot content, the funny premise, and the popular pairing that this story would instantly become my most popular story. What am I doing wrong? Is it really that much of a hassle to comment? Am I that poor a writer that I can't pull in loads of responses like other writers?

Please, people. All I'm asking for is some comments on why you think it's funny, hot, or touching. Is that really too big a request? Please, let me hear from you.

Report Eddy13 · 116 views · Story: Making Waves · #Asking for comments
Comments ( 4 )

I understand, but hey, I'm used to receiving two instant downvotes on most of what I post but rarely am I told how to improve.

Well, I at least know that you have promised to leave a comment after reading the story. Hopefully, it won't be long before you get to it.

I get what your saying. My new stories are lucky to get more than the one comment from my friend who always reads everything I post.
But while I would normally read your writing, and be inclined to comment, I don’t read porn and I tend to avoid equestria girls (Flutterdash being the exception from time to time) so yeah.

That might be the problem. Everyone's being turned away by the porn. Still, you'd think the clop fans would say something. I've seen clopfics with plenty of comments.

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