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Salvation / The Empty Room / The Immortal Game · 9:03pm March 20th

Presenting: our most elaborate project to date.

Love is the greatest treasure.

An ancient enemy; a family secret;
a plot to overthrow the Princesses...

The ponykind’s old gods have returned.

Both books have undergone a complete, meticulous proofreading and typesetting process, ensuring the best possible reading experience of these brilliant novels.

Book One's interior, inspired by late 19th century English typographic practices.

Book Two's interior, inspired by '60s Soviet hardcover printmaking.

Additionally, Book One includes a short story: The Corner of (our) Eyes by Daemon McRae.
It is located in the first book, serving as an interlude between the two novels.

Links to the stories:
The Corner of (Our) Eyes
The Empty Room
The Immortal Game

The books will be printed in A5 on 80g paper, with a 120g colored insert. They will be library-bound on leather-like material, and embossed with silver foil.

Signup Here:

$10 off every second book!

Orders received:
Book 1 - 54/100
Book 2 - 56/100

When the target amount of 100 books is reached, we'll send out invoices and begin production of illustrations. When all illustrations are complete, the books will be sent off to print, and the order form will be closed.

Happy reading!
- The Nonexistent Publications team

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Comments ( 14 )

Just to understand: the first two stories are one volume, while “The Immortal Game” and the horror story are a distinctly separate one?

The horror story is in the first book, serving as an interlude between the two novels.

I see, so The Immortal Game is self-contained? (I'm an admin for the printed pony group so I sorta have to ask stuff like this.)

It sure is. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for clearing that up!

Comment posted by RisingComet deleted March 21st

Well, I submitted my form. Only one of each for me though. I prefer to get doubles, but at about $100 US for each book that would have been $400 >_>

Are we allowed to order only one or the other? I've read and enjoyed The Immortal Game but aside from The Corner of Our Eyes I haven't really heard of the other two.

Yes, you can enter 0 as the book amount.

Thanks I didn't want to mess up your numbers if zero could be entered in the form but not ordered like that.

That may be a stupid question, but: How will the payment be handled? Credit Card? PayPal? wire?

Payments are processed via Stripe, and most types of bank cards are accepted.

How much does each book cost? Or Volume?

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