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Salvation / The Empty Room / The Immortal Game · 9:03pm Mar 20th, 2020

Presenting: our most elaborate project to date.

Love is the greatest treasure.

An ancient enemy; a family secret;
a plot to overthrow the Princesses...

The ponykind’s old gods have returned.

(Book One - $105, Book Two - $95)

Both books have undergone a complete, meticulous proofreading and typesetting process, ensuring the best possible reading experience of these brilliant novels.

Book One's interior, inspired by late 19th century English typographic practices.

TER's style is more modern, sampled from early 20th century American hardcovers.

Book Two's interior, inspired by '60s Soviet hardcover printmaking.

Additionally, Book One includes a short story: The Corner of (our) Eyes by Daemon McRae.
It is located in the first book, serving as an interlude between the two novels.

Links to the stories:
The Corner of (Our) Eyes
The Empty Room
The Immortal Game

The books will be printed in A5 on 80g paper, with a 120g colored insert. They will be library-bound on leather-like material, and embossed with silver foil.

Order Here:

$10 off every second book!

Illustration progress:
Salvation - 25/25 +4
The Empty Room - 8/10
The Immortal Game - 23/23

After filling out the form, don't forget to go to our checkout website and proceed with payment for your order.

Special Giclée Print Add-on

Expanding on the illustrations featured in the book, these all-original pieces of art have been crafted with the most cutting-edge techniques known by us to exist.

The twelve-color, pigment print process achieves museum-grade colors and longevity upon the handpicked art papers by German maker Hahnemühle.

Picture One, by Nemo: mould-pressed, tactile watercolor-textured paper.

Picture Two, by Nemo; and Picture Three, by Silfoe: glossy paper with a felt, shiny baryta finish.

Picture Four, by Jowy: glossy paper with a sparkly pearl finish.

And, for safekeeping, the pieces come in a custom-made envelope.

The set's price is $35. Book order required. If you've already got one, please proceed to the checkout page - no need to reenter the form.

The production of the illustration set is underway. When all illustrations are complete, the books will be sent off to print, and the order form will be closed.

Happy reading!
- The Nonexistent Publications team

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Just to understand: the first two stories are one volume, while “The Immortal Game” and the horror story are a distinctly separate one?

The horror story is in the first book, serving as an interlude between the two novels.

I see, so The Immortal Game is self-contained? (I'm an admin for the printed pony group so I sorta have to ask stuff like this.)

Thanks for clearing that up!

Comment posted by RisingComet deleted Mar 21st, 2020

Well, I submitted my form. Only one of each for me though. I prefer to get doubles, but at about $100 US for each book that would have been $400 >_>

Are we allowed to order only one or the other? I've read and enjoyed The Immortal Game but aside from The Corner of Our Eyes I haven't really heard of the other two.

Yes, you can enter 0 as the book amount.

Thanks I didn't want to mess up your numbers if zero could be entered in the form but not ordered like that.

That may be a stupid question, but: How will the payment be handled? Credit Card? PayPal? wire?

Payments are processed via Stripe, and most types of bank cards are accepted.

How much does each book cost? Or Volume?

Is it really not that visible in the blog post? It's in the second image.

Personally I didn't notice it immediately back when you posted it either. I discounted the images and tried to find it with search function (for '$' or 'dollar') and came up with nothing.

The prices say including shipping. I'm guessing that's only for the USA. Are you doing international shipping and if so how much extra?

All shipping is included. We are not located in the USA.

Is this legal? I don't mean to be rude but you are profiting off of stories set in the Equestria universe. Don't you have to worry about copyright law or does this qualify as fan-work that can be sold at conventions and stuff? Honestly I am really interested in the legal argument behind this, fanfic. law is really murky and it's always interesting to learn new things.

The emergence of the Internet has made copyright law effectively obsolete.

That said, check out this profile page on desktop for all the books we put out without issue thus far. They're pretty good.

You might want to brush up on it just in case just b/c it's obsolete doesn't make it not relevant

A quick question, I 100% want a copy of "The Immortal Game" however I want to know if all of Luna's dialogue has been corrected. The majority of her verb conjugation and declining of personal pronouns is incorrect and I want to know if that's going to be fixed before committing to buying it.

I have to say I'm very impressed by the quality of the print work. The style, illustrations, binding and cover are all above the usual standard I've seen. Good thing I've found it. Well done!:twilightsmile:

Really want both, but might have to just get one for now. When do you think you'll be closing off the order form? In a few weeks, or maybe a month?

Oh, no. Art production is a long, long thing - just look at Five Score. Three months for a high bar.

Gotta reach the target first, though.

I rejoice at the fact that I learned I can buy it in physical from but despair at the fact that I can't buy it in physical form.

Is there a 100% final deadline for getting this? I'm not in the best financial situation to get these, but I wish to have it someday...

Just found out about Stardust and The Maretian, too. *cries inside*

I project 18 weeks after the project is funded, which shouldn't be far from now.

Speaking of art production: some stuff's been done beforehand and is finished now, including the first TER piece. Take a look.





If you join This Group - Printed Fiction Hardcopies it will make it easier to find out about printing projects

I assume that you'll be sending out separate emails to collect shipping address for the books, since the shop front doesn't ask for them?

The form asked for them. What's more, you've already filled it out.

I wasn't so much asking for my sake as for potential other issues.
I suppose that works as long as you assume nobody ever visits the store page who hasn't submitted the form, and also that everyone uses the same name/email in both spots. The former is probably more of a potential issue than the latter, since the store page is just a simple url; I assume you've not posted it publicly anywhere, but that doesn't mean it will stay that way. If you don't want to have redundant info submission on the store page, maybe just have a message in the cart page that says something like "Make sure you've already submitted your shipping information using the order form at <link>, and that you use the same email address". That way you don't have to manually send out emails asking for information when someone inevitably does find their way to the store site without having gone through the original form.

Oh, and secondary note: I don't know how Stripe in particular works re: billing addresses, but it's not uncommon for people to want to ship a purchase somewhere that isn't the same as their billing address (e.g. if they have issues with people taking packages off doorsteps in their area), and it's possible for attempted purchases where the billing address doesn't match to be rejected for suspected fraud. Depending on the provider I imagine this would usually simply result in the person getting a call from their credit card company asking if it was them (I've had this happen once), but either way it's not great to just assume both are the same. If Stripe just doesn't even ask for billing address though, then that's kinda weird but I guess it's not your problem in that case.

Is there a way to contact someone about payment issues?

You can always contact me, but it is likely that I will not know. If your card issuer has blocked the payment, you'll need to contact them to resolve it.

Concluding a bout of expected delays, unexpected delays and general communicative deficiencies, the second TER piece is now complete. To celebrate the occasion, here's a look at some of our artists' work in action.

Are orders still being accepted for these books? If so, when will they be available to ship?

Thank you

They are. The link and the counter of how many illustrations for them are complete are in the post above you.

It's good progress.


*checks status after having forgotten about it for a few months*



I am considering ordering TIG as a Christmas gift. Any idea when it might be completed/printed/shipped?

Not by Christmas, for sure. Not unless you want it without some of the art.

Good things come to those who don't limit celebration to the holidays! Some of the best gifts are like wizards: They are never late. Nor are they early. They arrive precisely when they mean to.

Comment posted by MelancholicMisanthrope deleted Dec 12th, 2020
Comment posted by MelancholicMisanthrope deleted Dec 12th, 2020

If you wanted to say something, it's not showing.

Sorry about that! I was on my phone and it must’ve bugged out.

Definitely considering getting TIG, but it looks like there's still one illustration missing. Any update on when that/the rest of the book will be finished? :twilightsmile:

It can't be shipped until all of the illustrations are finished. There's been an issue with ER, as you can see; so it's still months away.

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