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My Sister Tia

I am a big fan of the two royal sisters.

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    Still Here?

    Okay, I will not check the comments here for a while. But please do so anyways. I have not quit or left, just am really inactive right now. But I have story ideas! (Most of them are crossovers) So, what's up?

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    A Question

    Was FimFiction the same, more busy, or less busy before the show ended?

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    Disclaimer: I Have Several Stories, but not Quite

    Which one should I finish and submit first?

    Tia, fashionista princess
    Whelp, stuff just happened
    You wouldn't do this to your colors, would you?
    Hoofball with rainbow trot
    My little angel

    And I have more I started, but these are the best ideas I'm revealing right now. If you want more details, then just ask.

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    Shoutout From a Friend


    Oh look, 101 posts!

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    Hello. Happy April Fools.

    This is the one and only My Little Pony TM. I used to be My Sister Tia. Happy April First.

    Oh, and look at that. Now, I have 100 blog posts.

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💖Happy Hearts and Hooves/Valentine's Day!💖 · 5:10pm February 14th

💖Happy Hearts and Hooves/Valentine's Day!💖

I hope you all have a wonderful day! Big rush of stories coming in 366 days (leap year adds a day)

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Comments ( 33 )

thank you and Happy Hearts and Hooves/Valentine's Day to you.

Happy heart and hooves day everybody


Indeed! Self Made Valentine Below:

You are puurfect! :raritywink:

Happy Hearts and Hooves Day!

Happy hearts and hooves! Hope you have an amazing day. Thanks for being an awesome friend!:heart:

I love how I completely despise Valentine’s Day, but love Hearts and Hooves day. I know they have the exact same premise, but like anything that has to do with mlp makes it a 1000000 times better lol

Oh. :rainbowlaugh: Not making fun of you, just some people have said today is sad, they don't have a G/B friend. Hearts and Hooves Day: :twilightsmile: I'm glad I have you five friends!

Lol I’m ur not making fun of me :rainbowlaugh: I’m just ranting about literally anything

Happy Hearts and Hooves day my friend ^W^

*All of the ponies fall from the sky, and start bouncing*

I thought of a story. I don't know how to write it, though.

So would each chapter be like a journal entry by an OC or a different OC?

Well would you want it to be exactly like reading a journal, or would you like the journal to act like a narrator while a scene/story unfolds?

Well, I don't know quite how to explain it. I am aiming for having an entry monolouge in each chapter, followed by a poem. Like

I forgot to mention...

Oh, the sorrow...

I use to start chapters with a monologue in a journal entry, I did not do poems but I think I could help with that

Did you find how you wanted to write it?

Update: I may only have one or two stories, but at least one will be long.

Thanks. I’m actually just gonna do this. Be okay with doing some ahead.

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