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OC Spotlight: MindGlitch/Anicetus · 5:09am Dec 9th, 2019

Ayyyyyy, we're back again with another Wielder of the Orb character, and this time we're lookin' at a villain!

MindGlitch by far probably has gone through the most change since his inception back in... what, 2014? 2015? Either way, he was around before I started writing horsewords.

To begin, I originally envisioned MindGlitch to be this sorta creepy, looming villain-alien dude that really was only evil for the sake of being evil. There weren't any motives behind what he did or why he wanted the Orb, and he was pretty much a little edgy ball of cringe that just about embodied everything that middle-school edgy could stand for. He was just evil, period. Oh, and he also had an army of minions. Not the ones from Despicable Me, but minions nonetheless. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

At some point or another I decided that MindGlitch was too weird of a name and yeeted it out of the story (thankfully). I replaced it with Anicetus, which is just something I BSed out of Random Name Generator because it sounded cool at the time for a villain name. Though, he still for the most part kept his completely flat character traits.

Following the death of the original incarnation of Wielder of the Orb on this site, I would reboot the story with a completely new cast of OCs. The one outlier in all this? Anicetus. While I don't feel like bothering to re-read the story to refresh myself on his character, I do remember that I rewrote him from the ground up, casting him instead as a friendly former-wielder of the Orb that had at some point been split Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde style, with his "good" half becoming trapped within the Orb, while the other, evil half escapes, but in the process loses control over the Orb. This rewrite of his backstory finally gives him some kind of motivation to pursue the Orb-- power. He is written not just as some evil jerkwad who wants the Orb because "he's evil and that's what he does", but because he's a corrupted, twisted version of himself bent on gaining as much power as he can to... I think gain control of the universe or something?

Either way, even after the rewrite, he was still kinda flat as a character. I don't really have much to say about him.

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Ironically, his older name seems more ponyish

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