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Pillar Relationship Headcanon · 4:34pm Dec 7th, 2019

Was thinking of the Pillars of Equestria and their inter-personal relationships. This is all just my personal headcanon and theories, don't take it too seriously.

Flash Magnus and Somnambula: My OTP of the Pillars. They are essentially ponified representations of Marc Antony and Cleopatra, historical figures who had a romantic relationship of their own. It fits too well. For me, their relationship goes back to their original adventures, before going into limbo. Flash, after catapulting up in military rank after his showing with the dragons, may have been engaged to a mare from his own city at one point, but once he met Somnambula, that was it.

In the present, they do spend a lot of time apart, with Flash being the Chief Drill Sergeant for the Royal Guard in Canterlot, and Somnambula being a motivational speaker and living goddess in her hometown. However, the love letters are numerous and juicy, and they make the most of their time together. Eventually have one son who goes on to be a high-ranking member of the Royal Guard.

Starswirl and Mistmane: In the present, it does not take long for various gossip mills to get wagging. For a short time, these two are touted as the "Most Powerful Senior Couple" until Mistmane pens a strongly-worded letter explaining that she is only physically old, not biologically. interestingly, when the Crystal Heart is powered up and expels its energy, Mistmane's cosmetic changes include reverting back to her younger appearance for a short time.

As it is, they both remain single for the rest of their lives, with each holding positions of high prestige in their respective courts. Starswirl takes up a permanent position as a teacher in Princess Twilight's School for Gifted Unicorns after he finishes traveling. Mistmane becomes the primary patron of the arts in the Crystal Empire by the time Flurry Heart takes the throne.

Rockhoof: After being ordained as the Storyteller Laureate of Equestria, Rockhoof continues to travel about, both to tell his stories, and to find new ones. He does come back to Ponyville often, always finding new students at the School of Friendship who have not heard his tales. For the most part, he is content being independent and mostly on his own.

This changes somewhat a few years down the line when Pinkie asks a favor of him. Her parents, Igneous and Cloudy are getting long in the tooth, and can no longer do as much around the rock farm. This leaves the bulk of the work between Limestone and Marble, who, while capable, are still only two ponies. Pinkie asks Rockhoof for his help with the quarterly rock rotation. Rockhoof had met the Pie family before, but this is his first extended interaction with them.

As it turns out, Rockhoof is perfect for rock-farming. His super strength is not a detriment, and his stamina allows him to do more in one day than five stallions combined. This impresses the family greatly, and the rock farm becomes a regular destination. A year or so later, Limestone makes the bold move of suggesting that she and Marble marry Rockhoof and he helps run the farm permanently. Rockhoof, being from a time and culture where herding and poly-marriage was more common, has no issue with this. Surprisingly, Igneous and Cloudy have no objection either, having seen what Rockhoof is capable of, and worried that their two at-home daughters would never find suitable stallions. Limestone and Marble end up having seven foals combined (3 and 4, respectively with a set of twins for Marble), thus ensuring the continued existence of the family business.

Meadowbrook: After she resumed her medicinal practice out of her old home, the town around it became populated once again. The town of Meadow Bayou, named partly after the mare, became the go-to destination for herbal medicine, particularly among Earth ponies. Cattail became the long-serving mayor of the town and Meadowbrook's home practice soon became a pharmaceutical business, where ponies would write to her with their symptoms, and she would fix up a medicine to send to them. This branched further into a school of sorts, where Meadowbrook taught ponies the art and science of medicine-making in a similar way that her mother had taught her. This completed the "Education Revolution" as termed by Twilight. Unicorns had her school in Canterlot. Pegasi had flight schools in Cloudsdale. Earth Ponies had Meadowbrook's School of Medicine (though it was open to anyone), and the school of Friendship was for everyone, particularly individuals from outside Equestria. This explosion of knowledge rapidly increased industry all over the world, as all the various kingdoms benefited and traded commodities and ideas, with individuals traveling all over to spread said knowledge.

As for relationships, Meadowbrook basically got married to her job. She got all the fulfillment she ever needed making ponies healthy and teaching ponies how to do the same. And, after inventing the first 100% effective oral contraceptive in Equestria, she was no longer bothered by any biological needs. As it was, Meadowbrook lived the second-longest of the Pillars (only Rockhoof out-lived her), and still taught right up to the very end.

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Comments ( 2 )

I think Flash Magnus and Flash Sentry are also related.

I agree. It might be a bit simplistic of a connection. But they do have similar physical and personal traits (at least judging by Equestria Girls Flash Sentry). Also, the fact that Sentry's cutie mark involves a shield is an interesting point of reference.

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