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The Four Goth Ponies · 5:56pm Dec 14th, 2019

Had a shower thought yesterday that the four "goth" ponies we see in the main show represent four aspects of goth culture. Allow me to explain.

Inky Rose -- Fashion

This is the most obvious one, as her debut appearance in "Honest Apple" is all about fashion. Beyond that, in my headcanon, she is not the only pony in her family who represents the gothic culture.

Snow Hope -- Hair/Make-up

This connection comes mostly from his parallel with Edward Scissorhands. Add in the fact that he is a stallion who wears eyeliner, and I could see him covering the entire cosmetology spectrum. From a headcanon perspective, I see him and Inky Rose being siblings. They have very similar body shape, with long legs.

Moonlight Raven -- Poetry and Literature

Although we do not see her write or perform any poetry in the show itself, one could easily draw comparison between Moonlight and Raven from the Teen Titans. Again, this is mostly a fandom connection, but it does work. And comic book Raven is known to write poetry.

Fluttergoth -- Music (specifically Singing)

This is slightly cheating, as "Fluttergoth" is not a unique character, but more of a split personality of Fluttershy brought on by stress. Still, it works, as there is no other goth pony to cover music. We know that Fluttershy is an excellent singer, and I could see her gain an Amy Lee vibe if she sang a song in her goth persona.

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Comments ( 2 )

For some reason I like this look on general but seeing ponies in this fashion just made me like it even more

This was quite informative, just as any whisper in the dark.

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