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I write stories because I enjoy them. I want to do better and am willing to take any advice to improve.

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  • Wednesday
    July Monthly Schedule / Very Bad News / I'm In Debt / One Commission Finished and One Commission Canceled

    First off welcome to the month of my birthday. I'm glad to see everyone has made it halfway through this harsh year. Hard times are on all sides as we enter the halfway point and I am hard press to say I am among those few hitting it hard. Due to a harsh storm last week I was without power for some time. However, it wasn't until that power returned did I see all the damage. Much needed to be

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  • 4 weeks
    June Monthly Schedule

    This month will be a bit slow purely because I have little to post. While I do plan to post more chapters for Hoodwinked, that series won't have a set time until I get a good flow writing it. As for other story expected more chapters for those soon. For Journey To Hearth's Warming, the intermission is the only thing I have a set time for.

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  • 6 weeks
    Hearth's Warming Tidbit 18: Divide Between Alicorns and Unicorns

    Sorry for the late post, yesterday was so busy for me. Not to mention I have been having the hardest time staying awake this week. Hopefully the rest of this week is better. Next week is the final chapter for this season so catch up while you can, it's don't be as big as last season finale, but with leave a massive mark on the story. I hope you enjoy it and this. This tidbit is sort of a second

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  • 8 weeks
    Hearth's Warming Tidbit 17: Propriety Of the Alicorns

    Sorry, this took so long, in truth, this has been done for months now, but I had to wait for the proper time. Annoyingly enough when the proper time came my internet went down yesterday. This tidbit sums up everything I feel on the alicorns and is actually a close look at how I see immortals in general. It certainly something I plan to apply to my original work, because seeing immortals being in

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    May's Monthly Schedule / New Chapters / New Story / Two New Voting Poll

    Sorry, for being so late with this one, there was a late to compile. This is going to be my most packed month yet so be ready for plenty of stuff. Including both final chapters of season 2 of Journey To Hearth's Warming and both final tidbits for this season. I'm also considering posting a new story that will be a parody of the movie Hoodwinked near the end of this month, more details on that

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December Monthly Schedule / Winter Finale / Contest Winner Announcement (Bottom) / WInter Break (Bottom) · 6:29pm Dec 3rd, 2019

Hello everypony. This month already started in a rush. I'm sorry for not posting this two days ago, things just really hit the fan over here. Anyway, this month we will have another tidbit and another chapter. This chapter will be the winter finale so it will be a big one. If you recall from last season my last winter finale was just over 9k and covered a lot of stuff, from Blood Diamond's introduction, the flashback to the first moment Twilight and Starlight went through in this timeline and so much more. So yes this season winter finale will be just as big, a small preview of that is that this month's chapter will cover Platinum's birth, her relationship with her guard, connections to a greater mystery that will arc this entire season with the next and so much more.


Wednesday - December 11th - Hearth's Warming Tidbit 14: Unicorn’s Pflicht

Thursday - December 26th - Journey To Hearth's Warming - Episode 14: Time Honored Truth


Well, as many of you might have realized the winter contest winner was a near landside victory by the choice: Near Dark Ascension. This shouldn't have been a surprise to me since this was the biggest point in last season's Summer Finale. So I asked CountessMRose to handle the piece. While she isn't the fastest artist I can call on, I can certainly depend on her to get the work done. Plus I decided to make this piece into a comic strip. This is due to how packed this scene is. Easily one of my most details scenes ever, so I need the good size to get the work done.

Now this commission is a winter commission so expect it at the latest of February. I'm asking for this time range since both times I asked artists to complete something in December it doesn't always get completed right away. Hopefully this better amount of time should fix that.

Also, not a confirmation yet, but if I do have some money left over after paying her I will put to a secret commission to be revealed sometime in January or just before the Spring Premiere.

Speaking of the Spring Premiere, like last year I will be putting the story on a hiatus. This winter break will not be as long as the last one. This time it will only last a single month. So new chapters will start back up in February. This was due to how short last summer was for me and how rushed that made me feel. Winter tends to a bit easier on me anyway.

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