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    Persona 6: Reflect Update

    I'm sure this will not go unnoticed, but the entire thing has been ripped down now. I'm unhappy with it all and going to rewrite it from the ground up. I hold myself to high standards and want to live up to those standards.

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    Update after long silence

    If you haven't already noticed, a full four chapters of Persona 6 Reflect have been taken down. I'm no longer happy with them and am in the process of rewriting them. I have also made some revisions to the prologue chapter.

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    Persona 6 Reflect Dilemma

    So I have encountered a problem with the soundtrack. Songs keep vanishing off of YouTube. So I am at a crossroads and would like your input. Do I rescore the story or press on without a soundtrack?

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    Persona 6 Reflect Update

    I wish to show that I am serious about writing this ambitious story, and I will see it through to the end. So I've come with a progress update.

    Firstly, I have finalized all the Confidants and who is in the party. They are as follows:

    Twilight Sparkle: The Fool
    Facet Orichalcum: The Magician
    Sunset Shimmer: The Priestess
    Pinkie Pie: The Lovers
    Rainbow Dash: The Chariot

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    Recently I picked up Persona 5 and am currently on my third playthrough. And having been reading Persona EG by MythrilMoth, I've decided to write my own MLP/Persona fic. Concurrently Sapphire Valley is working on one of her own.

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Persona 6 Reflect Dilemma · 2:49am Nov 24th, 2019

So I have encountered a problem with the soundtrack. Songs keep vanishing off of YouTube. So I am at a crossroads and would like your input. Do I rescore the story or press on without a soundtrack?

Report Bahamut Omega · 135 views · Story: Persona 6: Reflect ·
Comments ( 4 )

If you truly feel the music is instrumental (HAH!) to the story, then rescore if you must, but if you think you can go without it, I don't think losing the soundtrack would make a huge difference.

Do whatever you think is best. I personally won’t mind if there is some missing music but if you feel the story is incomplete without it then do what you need to do.

I personaly don't listen to the music, so I won't miss some missing soundtracks.

Instead of finding new versions of the music (or settling for other songs less likely to be removed from YouTube) to put in the previous chapters and potentially needing to do so again in the future, you could simply type in the name of the song that you actually want to use so we can search for a means to listen to it ourselves. This not only has the benefit of not needing rely on YouTube, which is notorious for taking down videos, but also allows people who read fimfiction stories on their phone to use whatever app they prefer to play the music in the background. This also lets people who don’t care about musical accompaniment while reading simply opt out of music and continue reading.

Whenever I try to listen to music while reading it either takes me out of the app and plays the song on the YouTube app (which can’t continue playing in the background while I go back to reading) or if it was a hyperlink opens in a new tab that doesn’t play the song the background unless you are on a computer. I happen to own an official copy the persona 5 soundtrack on my phone, so I find out the name of song then search for the version in my music app which can play while I’m in another app.

In short, simply provide the name of the song and we can search for a way to listen to it ourselves regardless of what device we are using so you can satisfy both people who want musical accompaniment and people who don’t want to bother with the music, all without having to fix this problem again in the future.

Hope my suggestion helps make things a lot easier for you.

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