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Cover Art! · 2:23am Nov 22nd, 2019

Obligatory not dead and not left the fandom yet. Just very quiet lately. Very very quiet.

I have commissioned cover art for an epic-length story that I've been working on as a two-story collaboration with Carapace. This isn't a "We're working on the same story" collaboration, but rather a shared universe collaboration. He's writing one story, and I'm writing another, both set in the same time and place (500 years before the present day) and where our characters sometimes interact with each other.

Mainly, however, we're telling our own stories of love, drama, and romance though our writing and characters also influence the other author's characters.

Anywho... Cover art by the talented Alto.

I'm especially impressed by how s/he captured the cities. One ordered and orderly, the other more spread out and chaotic, reflecting the lives and philosophies of the ponies that live therein.

I have no idea when this will be released. It's a passion project, and I'm currently 72 chapters in, and slowly working through editing and revising earlier portions that don't fit the growth of the story. I don't want to release this until I'm satisfied with the first 20-30 chapters (after which the main characters had all solidified and the arcs all became more concrete - also about the time when I started more heavily collaborating with Cara.)

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