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What If...? · 1:30am Nov 16th, 2019

Grogar was actually Grogar and not Discord and he knew that the Trio had the bell and harnessed that power for himself, leaving those three villains-turned-allies stranded and helpless. Then, said goat-demon-spawn sets to unleash a hellish army upon Equestria using that magic. Powerless, the Trio must concede defeat themselves and find new allies in order to take down the biggest threat to not only themselves but the whole world. The Trio must unwillingly make amends with their former enemies: everyone who had wronged them before, so they can take down Grogar and his deathly goons. Tensions first arise between the two, but in the end, they both agree on something: Grogar must be stopped.

*cue epic fight scene, maybe some sacrifices and death since I can call the shots for this hypothetical*

I don't know, I just thought of something like that at work today. I'm slowly realizing how broken and poor The Ending Of The End is. After a month, I can look at this differently. Nitpick this if you want; it's just a hypothetical situation.

Lol somebody probably came up with this already but who cares?

Comments ( 3 )

I think its an interesting idear. I'd read it.

That sounds better than what we actually got.

I can totally get by with your hypothesis. The plot twist was just horrendous.

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