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Thoughts and Brief musings upon the S9 Finale · 3:28am Oct 29th, 2019

I first posted this in another forum, and well, I guess, I felt it fine to post here too. So, with this tiny intro out of the way?

I'm in the 'I liked the ending' end, nice and solidly. It felt like a nice clean wrapping up for me, and I think part of it was I'm kinda at a point I was ready for it to end - I was still enjoying the stories, but the Saturday morning Magic wasn't really there anymore - except my rush to crunch the back half of S9 and finishing a ton of it Saturday to go into the finale live, that did bring it back, that excitement, at least long enough to savor and enjoy and then say see you again to.

And maybe I won't see that excitement again with My Little Pony FiM, but I'll find it somewhere else. I mean, I already have once again in falling super hard into Love Live, although even there it's a bit muted right now (Though I think a huge part of that is, well, it's Japanese, so there's a lot more effort in being a fan on this side of the Pacific, and with no anime airing right now - I digress!). And I am sure I will again, and again, so long as I remain open to what made FiM magical.

And, well, if I want more stories in Equestria? Fimfiction isn't going anywhere, and at this point I am quite content to claim and fully be prepared to argue it to the grave that there are plenty of authors on Fimfiction who can craft horse narratives that are just as good as anything the show has produced. Oh, sure, not all the time, every author has a dud or two - except perhaps horizon, but he's a sorcerer - but there's plenty out there who produce really great content in most any genre you can think of.

And I like that the ending is open ended. Because it means they've just given us the world big and full and still bursting with stories to tell. And if you don't like that ending? Ignore it and just headcanon your own ending. That's okay too! If you aren't happy Twilight is a Big Alicorn in the ending, then just decide that, you know, she's not, to you. If it makes you happier, that's fine. There's no one single hard Equestria, and the staff like it that way. It means each of us gets to make our own image of what it is and what we want it to be, and at least in mine, there's plenty of magic still to be found, whenever I feel the urge to visit.

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Comments ( 3 )

I think what will stick with me for a very long while, whatever I come to think of the episode itself, is that final shot of them all together on that hill, those few evocative notes of the theme song one last time, and the book from the very beginning finally closing, its pages spent. Those final images are branded on my mind. And my gut.

I haven't enjoyed the show for years, but oddly I don't think I was ready for it to end.

Personally, I don't know what to think about full grown Alicorn Twilight.

Speaking of stories still to tell... https://discord.gg/8MDt33Q

I also liked the ending. I hear you about the Saturday morning rush being kinda dead, too, though; it got to be downright painful trying to get in front of the TV at the witching hour every week, purely because of kid and family schedules being relentless. But I never stopped liking it, or wanting to catch it, even though I still have a few I missed and have yet to catch up on.

And yes, the ride never ends here on FimFiction and in the Writeoff. Come on back sometime!

Yeah, good ending shots. It had to end that way.

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