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What's going on with "I Thought You'd Never Ask..." · 9:44pm Oct 21st, 2019

This has been coming for a while, but I wanted to wait until I was sure, and was taking some time to word this announcement well...

As those on my Patreon already know, I've been heavily involved in the Series-Continuation project, and will be leading the Writing Team for the first batch of episodes. This is a huge responsibility, and the project has basically eaten all of my pony time for the last month. (hence the lack of activity) It's going to be better, moving forward, as we get into the actual writing phase and have down-time from waiting for other writers, but sadly, I still won't have the time to write multiple ongoing stories AND work on contracted/commissioned work AND work on my own Novella/RPG series.

Of all the things I'm currently working on, I Thought You'd Never Ask... is the one which is most similar to the series. It was written as a way to expand upon the Student 6, to delve into and develop their characters in a way which felt like a believable addition to their lives. Unfortunately, the series ended with a lot of the ideas I was going on either being done already or rendered unfeasible by the final stretch of Season 9. I loved this story, and I'd definitely like to have finished it, but I don't see myself having the time or focus, nor do I see the point when I'm already working on something bigger and better: there are some amazing and incredibly fun ideas the writing team has been throwing around in the private server, and I think what we come up with as a team is going to be even better than what I was going to come up with on my own.

That is why I've decided to end I Thought You'd Never Ask... early, and cannibalize the remaining ideas from it for the fan episodes.

Once I've proofed and posted the Changeling arc, I'll post a synopsis of what I'd planned for the later chapters, so you can all at least know where I intended to go with this. After that, I won't be releasing any more chapters. I hope you all don't see this as a total loss: this story will still get told on some level, but it won't be here or now.

I will still be releasing more of Displaced Into Nothing, as it's 90% complete and was the story that convinced me to start writing professionally, and I have a few more, much shorter ones which I'll be popping out over the next few months, so you'll all see a bit more from me, but my pony time will be devoted to the series continuation project from now on.

Thanks for reading, and I'm so glad you've all enjoyed the story I started with What's Your Problem? I hope you all enjoy the fan series. :twilightsmile:

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With the continuation does it pick up from the “epilogue” or the end of the show proper?

There's only so much I can say, because a lot of conversations are private to the team, and we'll probably have a press release some time in the next couple weeks, but the first batch is going to be set between the Season 9 Finale and the flashbacks in the Series Finale. They're pretty loose, and mostly just slice-of-life, but the overarching plot will (probably) explore Twilight preparing for the transition in her life between minor Princess in Ponyville to Princess Regent in Canterlot. Later batches will be set after the coronation, and will be broader and more ambitious: right now, we just want to establish that this series is going to be in line with show canon and tone (as opposed to some sort of alternate take), and show that we're capable of writing that.

Well all I can say is I can’t wait!

Awww :pinkiesad2: I loved the premise for the story and I desperately wanted to see where you were going to take it. Oh well! Onto bigger and better things, right?

Like I said, I'll post things to wrap it up, but yeah, there's only so much I can do at once...

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