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The End. (Chapter 91 of Long Haul is out!) · 3:14am Oct 19th, 2019

Howdy there everyone, it's Friday again, so you know what that means! Eeyup, there's another chapter of Long Haul up for you all to dig into for the weekend. But before you go, I wanted to say something. I'm sorry if the blog post's title gave you pause, but it's not about me or Long Haul. Rather, it's about why we all came here.

I, like many of you, dismissed watching Friendship is Magic from the start. I didn't care for bronies, I was frankly annoyed about how quickly ponies had taken over every facet of the internet. But out of spite, and for a bet with my roommate, I sat down and gave the first few episodes a shot. Fast forward seven years to today, and well, it's over. Friendship is Magic has come to a close, and the adventures of the characters we got to know so well have ended.

And just like that, there's a void where something used to be. Nothing changed last Sunday. The sun came up, the world continued to go on, and yet, the knowledge that the show I'd so heavily invested myself in was over hit me harder than ever. For the first time in seven years, I don't know when we'll get more ponies. I mean, I know Hasbro won't keep us waiting forever, and I'm incredibly optimistic that Gen 5 will be as great as Friendship is Magic. But even though we've still got fanfiction and art to carry us through the void, things just won't be the same again.

I know I've thanked Kkat at just about the end of every chapter of each of my stories, as well as a ton of other fantastic authors and folks. But the way that FiM and Fallout was fit together for Little Pip's epic feels like lightning that just won't strike twice. I fear that the next gen won't capture my own imagination and inspire my writing like FiM and FoE have. But even so, even if that's the case, I'm going to continue my work until I'm satisfied, and I do hope you all come along for the ride with me.

So with Friendship is Magic having come to a close, I just wanted to say that I'm sorry that I didn't give it a chance at the start, and that the last seven years have been nothing short of amazing because of it. Through the good and the bad, I always knew the show would help lift my spirits and inspire me. And I hope that you all feel the same way about it.

Here's to Gen 5 being not too far off, and for it to be another hell of a good show. But for now, that's all for this week. Of course, I'll be back in two for yet another chapter of Long Haul! So until then, relax, take care, and maybe go find your favorite episode of FiM to rewatch.

Well, after you give this week's chapter a read that is!

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Comments ( 4 )

Looking forward to Gen 5! But at least until then there's more fics and the comic to experience.

Cheers mate! To Gen 5, and to people like you that are willing to stick around! Some could even say that your in for the "Long Haul" :rainbowlaugh: Sorry not sorry xD.

In all seriousness though, I'm glad your sticking around! I hope to record more of your awesome stories down the road!

Yup, there's more coming, and I'm glad you'll be here to give it a read! :pinkiehappy:

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