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Get the scalpel · 3:00pm Oct 11th, 2019

Because I'm re-opening an old wound.

Way back in March of this year, Estee made a blog post about a show called Corn & Peg. It's a show for young kids which is meant to teach children about helping, sharing, and other positive behaviors. Fine for the intended audience, but rather boring to older audiences, and easily forgettable. This even led to a dare between Estee and FanOfMostEverything, which led to the latter creating the very entertaining story We Don't Talk About Captain Thunderhoof

Why do I bring this up?

Because, as it turns out,there is a Corn & Peg Wiki.

That's right, pastel, they have their own Wiki. Which means that if you are curious enough, you can look up information on the show and learn about it. Although it turns out not by much. Looking at one of the episode guides, there's only a single short description, and maybe a single line of trivia.

Also, here is the youtube channel that holds the episode Estee shared, as well as two others. Although all of them are two per, so it's more like four more and six total.

Now if anyone else wishes to do a MLP/Corn and Peg crossover (say, something which explores this idea), they have access to some of the information on the show instead of having to try and catch it on television.

Good luck.

You'll need it.


Here is also a link to the wikipedia article, which has more information than the wiki it seems.

Comments ( 2 )

Of course there's a wiki. There's always a wiki. Now, what people will do with this information...

On your head be it, Hopeful.

Too bad you already did something with it. While it doesn't affect anything in your story, I just found out that:

1) Peg and Corn can actually summon Captain Thunderhoof for help by performing a ritual to call for help.

Though powerful, her weakness is ice (which causes her superpowers to freeze).

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