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    Smolder exhaled. Whether the smoke that followed came from biology or the dragon's refusal to contain the cigarette's erosion Ocellus couldn't tell. It blossomed, though, a smudge of grey against the bruised sky, and that was enough. But in that moment Ocellus was certain that whatever Smolder did would have been enough.

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    S'up. Been a while, hasn't it? But yeah, I've been writing some horsegriffonwords here and there. It's very rough, and I'm not sure if it'll go anywhere or see the light of day, but here's a small part of it that I liked and thought I'd share.

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    Smolder lay sprawled across the rug, limbs and claws entwined in dense yak hair. Her scales had become uneven shimmering planes, given their fleeting new life by the light of the fireplace. There, prancing tongues lived and died erratically, the only concession to the passing of time.

    "Hey, you see the moon from there?"

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Sunday Snuggles #3 · 8:21pm Sep 29th, 2019

Hi folks,

Just a small-ish update today; the Smolcellus mini fluff-fic you might have been expecting has gone straight into Proximity in the interests of efficiency. So, if you want your fix, head over to that story and check the latest chapter.

So, um... Have some cute Smolcellus snuggle pics instead.


I recently decided to throw my hat into the ring for FOME's Imposing Sovereigns II contest, so for the next month or so I'll be working on that. My entry for that will probably be the next new fic you'll see from me, though I'll still be keeping up with Proximity.

So yeah, that's my update... Um, tell me yours? :twilightsmile:

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I'm also going to enter that contest to give me a reason to write, on top of the one I'm presently doing, which I hope to finish tomorrow since it's due by the 4th. As much as I would love to see any decent results, I will have to keep my expectations low, as my last contest story was a big disappointment to me. Hopefully expecting nothing will leave me feeling better when I don't get an honorable mention, heh. I'm excited to see your story for it though, so good luck! It was nice to see you entering.

Also, adorable smolcellus images.

I saw! Well good luck to you with your entry; I'll look forward to seeing it when it arrives on the site. It's funny how worked up we can get the moment we start writing something that's for a competition rather than solely for our own satisfaction. :raritydespair: Remember to have fun with it , and I'm sure that will show up in the finished story, regardless of whether it places. It's nice to see people I know entering too.

And yes, we'll see how it goes. Six weeks is probably just about enough time for me to overcome my paralysis when attacking anything over 5k words, haha. Hopefully I won't lose a load of followers when I publish something that doesn't have Smolder or Ocellus in it! :trollestia:

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