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I had decided to not do more of those reaction posts I do as I watch new episodes, to avoid tempting others with spoilers, if I managed to run into the English leaks of the finale.

Gave into temptation as soon I found those leaks in good enough quality.

No regrets. And I shall keep from spoiling to my best ability.

Just a lil tiny review on how I feel about this ending

Just wanna say, I loved every bit of it. Was it perfect? Pfffhh, Heavens NO. Hah! But it was delightful and satisfying none the less. So much action and the plot twists, gosh I love when the writing staff goes full fanfic mode with stuff usually not allowed on the show. Obviously they took full advantage that there are no longer consequences from fearing angry parents. Not liking what you see, what you gonna do about it? Demand the show cancelled? HAH!

They did their best and clearly had fun. A bit heavy on making all those outside references into the lines, but it’s fine. Some solutions not what I would have preferred, but still plenty enough of callbacks and surprises to keep me plenty satisfied.

The epilogue episode was (almost) perfect, I love that kind of “where are they now” stuff, and how casual they kept it. Glad they made that its own episode to not clog down the season finale too much, was heavy enough on its own.

And the ships? I’ll say... I’m not the biggest shippers, but I’m happy with what I saw and how casual all that was kept too. Also VERY satisfied with my OTP confirmed and everything, no complaints there.

Again, nothing is perfect and I’m sure more fans out there have ideas on how some things could have been handled better, how some characters and issues were resolved could have been treated a more satisfying way. But for the official episodes? I’m satisfied enough.

I cried a tiny bit at the end of the epilogue.

MLP G4 has meant a lot to me over the years. Taught so much, but most of all inspired so much. And the friendships built based on this interest shared with others, I can be nothing but thankful for.

I look forward to what G5 got in store. And if G5 flops? Who cares? We still got SO MUCH from G4 to keep play around with and build upon, they gave us so much to still enjoy and interpreter for years to come. A fandom doesn’t die just because the original source ended providing new material. That would be silly.

The only thing to stop people from producing their own content is the limit to their own imagination, motivation and inspiration. Heck, look at FoE that turned into its own sub genre - one fanfic creating endless ideas still going strong. Invader Zim never died despite a decade of being cancelled halfway through a second season. Now we got an ongoing comic, a new movie and promise of revived new merch, because IZ fans are still around.

You want to move on now G4 is over? Go ahead. That’s fine too. This is about what we personally find enjoyment in, none of this should be treated as a chore or a permanent lifestyle. All this is our escape from reality and to build bonds over common interests. Nothing lasts forever. Nor does it truly die.

Now, remember to respect the spoiler bans still in action. The official end isn’t until October, and plenty of people still choose to keep to the official American schedule. We must all respect that.

A heck of a great ride, now Imma just look forward to when everyone’s up to date, and everyone can openly share the amazing things this finale inspired to create.

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