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Puffysaurus Fangirlus, Danish fan artist who dabbles in a bit of writing now and again.

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    It has begun.

    Ending an era fully now we move on to the next.

    And ya know what? Is a good movie. Very pretty, good details, cute characters, got some good laughs out of me and had me intrigued. Only one song really stood out to me, but none of them were bad.

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    Do Ponies on Earth have Magic Dreams?

    Just a quick lil signal boost of a lil story a friend is writing, reaching its finale chapters so very soon!

    Check it out! Is full of bat ponies!

    That is all

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    Viking Enamel Pins Kickstarter

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    Return of Valhalla

    Okay, I need to ramble a bit. Yesterday I was all nostalgic about Peter Madsen's works - more specifically his Danish comic series “Valhalla” that I grew up on. My Dad always been an enthusiast about our heritage as Danes, in particular the old stories and Myths about the old Nordic gods. And one faved medium to teach us these stories were through those comics, as the cartoonist behind them

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Viking Enamel Pins Kickstarter · 10:17am Jan 16th, 2020

Hey! YOU! Yes YOU!

You like pins? You like... SHINY pins?? With gorgeous designs and the stuff?? You like to get first dibs on amazing looking pins in return of supporting a talented artist's first try with kickstarter to finance her first ever batch of pins??

Well, you are in LUCK! Check out this Kickstarter for Viking Enamel Pins, by my super talented sister!

The theme is our heritage here in Scandinavia, tributing the World Serpent itself in three beautiful designs! Backers can not only gain first dibs on these pins, but can also score amazing concept art of the Viking theme to go with them!

So check it out and give it a go!

>>>>> Kickstarter for Viking Enamel Pins <<<<<

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