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Rainbow Dash · 5:02pm Aug 31st, 2019

Comments ( 15 )

Dawah, I'll cuddle Rainbow Dash any day. :rainbowkiss:

WHERE DID YOU FIND THIS??????????? I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I DON'T KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!



Oh, my... I would totally... buy it... For, um... my niece! Yeah! No naughty thought whatsoever... (those are reserved for Celestia plushy only :trollestia:)

Jokes aside, I some time ago I wanted to buy a custom-made one for my niece, but the prices are astronomical :applejackunsure:


Some people on DeviantArt sells them from time to time, but the cost is something like 1000-3000 USD (that one would probably be in the upper range).

This comment section is weirding me the FUCK out!!

I mean I like the mare, but...let’s tone it down a notch!

Just look at Rainbow Dash!

Does she look happy??

The plush one at least.



You do realize that most people don't but plushies for... that, right:rainbowlaugh:?

Ok thank goodness cause I didn’t know I’m kinda a noob

Canadian dollars please, i'm too lasy to go on the internet and convert something that would take a shorter time than writing this comment.

The face that plushie is making makes it %100 worse.

It scares me what people make...and the fact I would totally buy

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