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With the End in Sight, I've Been Listening to This a Lot · 10:04pm Jul 15th, 2019

Seriously, a lot.

With my big project of nearly two years (twenty-two and a half months as of this blog) sitting at 332,000 words, I'm extremely close to the end. If all goes well, I'll finish right before Bronycon hits, earning me a nice break. In the story's span, I've gone from ten concurrent viewpoints in (mostly) all different places to three major settings told across a half-dozen viewpoints, which comprises the story's climax.

I've ended up listening to this track way more than I thought I would as I'm writing the final few scenes. Hopefully the climax turns out as well as I'm planning.

Say what you will about season 8, but this track especially knocks it way out of the park.

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What are you working on? I am a bit out of the loop

It's a high fantasy epic involving Viking reindeer that spans Equestria and the neighbouring kingdoms, including an entire continent I designed from scratch. I take heavy influence from Norse Mythology and history, and the story's viewpoints include all of the mane six, Starlight, and Spike, among others. I also take a lot of structural (viewpoint-chapters), tonal, and stylistic influence from Song of Ice and Fire, though while the story is quite violent, it contains no explicit sex, and should be rated T.

To give you an idea, this: i.imgur.com/hWBAsGp.png is an art piece I had done of one of the story's antagonists, the leader of the Valkyries.

It's not letting me see the art. But it sounds awesome! Part Norse, part pony, part GRR Marting(hope you actually finish yer book). I cant wait for it.

Apologies, and thanks for the hype! Fixed the link. I'm certainly finishing the book--the main question is how long it'll take. I've been writing a lot lately, and I'm determined to write 3k per day for the story until it's either finished or I have to leave for Bronycon. I really hope you end up enjoying it when I finally get to publishing it. Once I finish the story and take a rest, I need to do revisions to the early parts (including some rewrites), commission cover art, and then plan a launch for it.

Hype acquired!

It's surreal being so close to the end after working on this behemoth for nearly two years. If I finish before Bronycon, then it will have been twenty-three months since I started the first draft. I've still got work to do (retooling the beginning, settling on a title, etc), but actually finishing a draft of a project this crazy is going to feel very good. Hopefully it delivers, and hopefully it's done before BC so I can refresh myself a little.

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