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Watch Stuff with GM and the Songs Crew! · 7:29pm Jul 9th, 2019

Hey guys! Some of you may know this already, but I'm going to start streaming videos to watch with everyone (hopefully) every week! Specifically, two sessions, one friday night at 8 PM - Midnight and one saturday morning at 8 AM - Noon. (Times given in Mountain Standard Time. A note on Time Zones can be found below.)

We will be using cytu.be to sync everything up. Specifically, at this room:
Where you don't even need to sign up, you can just appear, give a name, and then watch and chat.

Here's how this is going to work: there are four 'blocks' each week. Each one lasts two hours, two on each day. You can show up to any one or all of them: they should be unrelated, and for shows that will last more than one week they'll occupy the same slot every week.

And if you arrive early or between showings... well that is 'suggest random youtube videos' time. Which is always a fun moment. Heck, the link above will play random videos even if no one's managing it, you could literally hop on at any time and see what random stew it has to offer. Skipping should be enabled even if no one is managing it.

Something optional you can do is sign up on the following google sheet:
To do so you'd type your username in the top column (using a comment, I'm not about to let anyone who shows up EDIT the sheet), and type in which segments you'll be able to make it too. You can also vote for future features in the streams with 'yes' 'maybe' and 'no'. You can suggest anything, but we're currently limited to things that can be embedded in cytube (youtube, dailymotion, raw videos) until someone can get a twitch/streaming service account active at those times. (I, alas, have trash Internet.) The second sheet shows some time zone conversions.

So yeah, come join us friday night 8PM-Midnight and saturday morning 8AM-Noon at https://cytu.be/r/SongsoftheSpheres. To watch what? Well, I'm glad you asked, here's the first week's lineup:

Friday, 8PM - 10 MST

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Rainbow Roadtrip

The Last Laugh (Chinese Leak)

2, 4, 6, Greeeat (Chinese Leak)

Friday, 10PM - 12 MST


Season 1, episodes 1 through 5

Saturday, 8AM - 10 MST


That one crazy movie by Weird Al

(May have some localization problems outside US)


Saturday, 10AM - 12 MST

My Little Pony: G1

Midnight Castle

The My Little Pony Movie (that one with the Smooze)

We'll be doing this every week, if all goes well. I won't post updates as blog posts - there'll be a thing on my user page that changes every week.

Hope to see you there friday!

-GM, master of previews.

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Hmm. Add two hours...

I may be up for some ancient pony history. I can't make any guarantees, but we'll see what happens.

Sounds interesting. I might join in, when MLP: FiM content is streamed. Or when I crave to ponify something non-pony and need inspiration for that.
Not necessarily for the first time, I'm tangled up in stuff to write and my own Patreon preparations and I even have seen "Rainbow Roadtrip" only twice so far because of these preparations and I always watch it in solitude first after the initial livestreams before watching it on more livestreams with others, but I'm generally interested.
Though, since I've noticed the spreadsheet speaks of "New MLP", I am hoping you will extend the program from "New MLP" to "Old MLP" too once My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is over. One of my biggest worries is that all MLP: FiM streams die out or get converted to non-pony streams, after Brony Network basically announced such plans for the end of G4.
The G4 fandom needs a place to shelter in until whenever we see Equestria again in a future generation or in any kind of official medium.

*points at slot 4* We're watching G1 there. We'll probably continue from there until we get back to G4. HEh.

-GM, master of slots.


Sounds good. And comes in handy that G4 has the most episodes.^^

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